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Animation anim script.lsl
Animation anim SMOOTH.lsl
Animation anim SMOOTH-For HAIR.lsl
Animation Functions & Commands: Agent Animator Made by Fred Kinsei // // This script allows you to request permissions from another agent and then play animations on them. // Can be used for fun, modeling, or any remote animation function.
Animation BJ Drinking Script.lsl
Animation BJ Drinking Script(No Falling Down).lsl
Animation Dance Hud. Add animations to this and wear it as a HUD
Animation Animation HUD Next button
Animation Animation HUD Previous Button
Animation DESCRIPTION: []::Animation HUD Root Prim
Animation Dance Pole + Av Mover.lsl
Animation Double_Jumper
Animation Drinking Script
ANimation DrinkScript.lsl
Animation Easy ladder script
ANimation Flame.lsl
Animation The most basic form of the script, No constraints here:
Animation Then, I made a modification to this for my own uses to make the object stay within a certain distance of a certain position. Heres the same script including those changes:
Animation Ground_Collision_Protector
Animation Jump Super.lsl
Animation This script offers five different methods for animating an avatar seated on an object that contains more than one animation
Animation Nyterave Anim8 Ball 2.lsl
Animation Free Script to hold poses like carrying a bag or an umbrella or a cat whilst on a dance hud by Heartfelt
Animation Dance.lsl was totally re-written by Ferd Frederis. This is Open Source, do with as you wish.
Animation Sleep Script.lsl
Animation Sleep-on-Idle.lsl
Animation Smile
Animation SmokingActions.lsl
Animation Sunbathing Script.lsl
Animation Super Jump.lsl
Animation SurprizingFreezer.lsl
Animation swimming fish.lsl
Animation This is the main prim animator script. You also need the Store 0 script. An article on how to use this to make objects move is at
Animation This script must be named 'Store 0'. Yeasch script saves about 200 prim animations when compiled into mono. You can add additional storage scripts by naming them sequentially Store 1, STore 2, and so on.
Animation This is an example script to loop 3 animations named 'start', 'baby1', and 'baby2'
Animation Walking Script.lsl
Water Animation L6.01-basic-water-animation.lsl
Water Animation L6.02-improved-water-animation.lsl
Water Animation L6.03-waving-waters.lsl

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