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These pages show some of the tricks and techniques I use in scripting and creating objects in the online world of Second Life and OpenSimulator. I hope you find them useful and pass them on to your friends.

Follow my accounts above or send me an email to fred at or at the link at the bottom.

There are many more Free Tools, Tricks and Tips in part 2!

A free cross-grid database for LSL

A simple to use, dedicated, shareable database for all to use to save and persist data across scripts, regions, and grids. The URL is at where you will find the basic instructions. You use LSL to fetch a web page with a 'store' field, and it will save a name and a value. Here is an example to save the key AnimalName = bunny.

To get back the AnimalName, you change the directive to 'load' and ask for AnimalName:

The 'service' is any UUID. These can be used for security, or to identify a grid, region, person, prim, a project or whatever. If this UUID is set to the llGetOwner(), the then data would be stored where prims owned by that avatar can easily get it back.

Lots more help from Maria at Hypergrid Business is at

Introducing DreamGrid - a free Opensim Server that is easy to use

Dreamgird control panael

DreamGrid is the latest Opensimulator server in robust, (full grid) form. It is a full-featured opensim server that is easy to install, easy to run. It has a full list of features, including economy, maps, automatic updating teleports and many more features.

This is my presentation at OSCC2018 on Dreamgrid.  In this talk I show some of the new features introduced over the last year, along with a few of stats. And talk about a few things in the works that might get done in 2019.

OSCC2017 DreamWorld Presentation (PDF).

OSCC 2016 Presentation Characters Matter (NPC's)

Introducing Ruth 2.0 - a free high quality mesh female avatar


Ruth 2.0 is a scratch-built, open-source, Opensim/Second Life compatible mesh avatar designed by Shin Ingen. She includes Blender (.blend) files, DAE exports, template textures, skins, and eventually will include scripts and HUD. The goal of Ruth 2.0 is to make a high quality, 100% free mesh avatar that can use accessories from Maitreya and other quality mesh products.

Ruth is available now on Github.

Help Needed

This is a new project and is still under development. Please volunteer to help!  Email me, or use git and send a pull request. Collaborators can help in many areas. These range from general advice on what is needed, bug chasing, weight painting, skins, mesh making, scripting, and so on. As just one example, if you know Gimp, or Photoshop, we need help converting these many free skins into PNG textures, and then into in-world skins that are ready to wear. In world conferences are needed, too. to help spread the knowledge included in here into new products.


Ruth 2.0 is AGPL listed, which means she must always be free and you must pass that freedom on to others. This does not prohibit you making and selling clothing, skins, accessories, hair and other parts for her.

3D Paint for Free

The Windows 10 Creators Edition has a lot of useful free 3D content in the new 3D paint program. 3D in Windows 10 is an easy-to-use paint program for 3D objects and people like me who have no painting skills. I usually use Substance Painter which requires only technical skills. This is an all-new Paint 3D program and a large online repository like SketchFab that allows you to create or modify 3D objects, easily change color or texture, or turn 2D images into 3D works of art.

It works a lot like Archipelis - a program I used for many years to take 2D pictures and turn them into 3D sculpts. This program also supports importing of 3D objects and adding paint to them.

Windows Creator Edition 3D Paint

This steampunk gramophone is 7,931 vertexes and looks great. The only processing I had to do was to export is as FBX, Import the FBX to Blender, and remove the doubles.

Blender version osf the gramophone

The original is located at Remix:

Get Windows 10 Creators Update now.

Down the rabbit hole!

Dr. Ramesh Ramloll originally shared to Opensim Virtual (Opensim Technology)

This is an uncut version of a wonderful conversation I had with Fred Beckhusen. Enjoy!

Danger! Caution!

Danger! Caution! This sim OAR is dangerous! And it should be fun, too, as I threw in some funny mooFerd cows and overly friendly sheep. :-)

Danger Grave Danger Sandbox

Danger! is a simple game of "Do Not Die". It's also "No Fly" - so no cheating! It's full of deadly stuff that teleports you back a step. Try not to fight with the skeletons of those who already dared to try the swamps, deserts, and ghostly areas. If you can make it past the first 4 levels, it sends you to more levels at the Outworldz "Yo Fankie" sim where you can try to reach the lighthouse to burn away the fog and get out. Or maybe ride in the cow races. Whatever, we won't tell anyone you got lost, you loser.

It's available now in the Outworldz "Dreamworld" download menu at

It's all CC-BY-NC-SA and CC_BY content, so feel free to play with the mesh bits so long as you pass the credits onward. Danger! is free to play, free to mod and a good place to die.

Don't want to download Dreamworld? You can try your luck on the Hypergrid at hop:// Danger

Outworldz Opensim One-Click Hypergrid for Windows

The Outworldz Opensim Hypergrid is a Microsoft Windows-compatible virtual reality system that is easy to install, easy to run, and powerful. It it free and is open source.

Anyone can run their own grid from home or at work. It automatically configures routers for the Hypergrid. It comes with MySql, the "Diva" version of OpenSim, Diva’s WiFi admin interface and the OnLook viewer. It creates a sample virtual world with HyperGrid capability and easy-to-load OpenSim Archive (OAR) files.

Download and Instructions are online.

Alpha Station

I've purchased exclusive distribution rights to several Lost World OAR files for the Outworldz Opensim system. The new sims can be loaded with just a few clicks in the Content menu, as shown below.

Dance in the party room in your Island Paradise, fly the skies of Alpha Centauri, and walk among the fairies in Fantasy land, all by Joe Builder from fame.

These sims are exclusively distributed by Outworldz, LLC, and for use only in the Outworldz Opensim system. But that's not a problem, as you can get the Outworldz for free

How to render a dragon in Blender

How to render a dragon in Blender is about creating the background and the basic movement of the dragon.

Part 2 covers animating the wings and the head and legs, and how to render it with Blender and a free Render Farm.

Eight free mesh avatars!

Eight free mesh avatars

Virunga Mountains

Jessie Campbell wrote a very fine piece in Visionz magazine on our 9-sim Virunga Mountain simulation honoring Dian Fossey and Roz Carr. We waited years for Opensim to be get the technology working well enough to run it, and it took two more years to make it.

Virunga Mountain coordinates 

Tinkers Flying Lesson

I've looked everywhere for open source Blender scenes that are suitable for learning animating and mesh modelling that is also conmpatible with with Opensim or Second Life. Zip. None. So I made one for you to play with, and tendered a short video for you. This video shows some NPC players and avatars for Opensim and Second life. These are all free (or will be soon) Opensim-compatible avatars.

You can do this too, as the software I used to make this, and all the mesh models are free!


I have tried very hard to make diamonds look their best on Rapunzel's crown, but we have no reflections so they look dull and lifeless. The solution: a GIF and a one-line script!

Jewelry that moves  Jump

Rainy Day Windows

Want rainy windows? Here is how to add them to your home.


Thousands of Radio Stations for Free

shawnkmaloney Craftgrid, (aka Mr. Radio) asked if I had a better radio. I have used this Media On A Prim radio for a long time - and now anyone can use it, provided you keep it free. There are currently 1,631 "most popular" radio stations in it. It auto-updates, and all stations are all checked for operation periodically. It has search and sort, and plays with just a click.

License is CC-BY-NC-SA, which means anyone anywhere can use it, so long as they keep it free and pass it on.

It's just one script, and is really easy to use. Get it here.

Show off your photos

My desktop always shows the best art from Second Life and OpenSim via Flikr, from my hard drive, from Facebook, and a dozen other photo services. You can have art like this too, with John's Background Switcher for PC's. I set mine to the best 500 Photos from #SecondLife, plus my Flickr account.

Get Johns Background switcher here:

+shawnkmaloney Craftgrid, (aka Mr. Radio) asked if I had a better radio. I have used this Media On A Prim radio for a long time - and now anyone can use it, free. There are currently 1,631 "most popular" radio stations in it. It auto-updates, and all stations are all checked for operation periodically. It has search and sort, and plays with just a click.

License is CC-BY-NC-SA, which means anyone anywhere can use it, so long as they keep it free and *pass it on*.

It's just one script, and is really easy to use.

Get the best pics in SL here

My Flikr:

Run Opensim as a Service on Windows

NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service ManagerUse OpenSource to run Opensim as a service on Windows:

1) Go get NSSM from

2) Type this: "nssm install OpenSim "C:\Opensim\bin\OpenSim.exe"

This creates an Opensim entry in your Services.

3) Type "Services.msc" in the Run menu and start Opensim as a service

You may have to change the path to OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe depending upon your version vs 64 bits.


Mixamo Animation Conversion to OpenSim and Second Life

There are many available animations in the CMU library and at web sites such as Mixamo by Adobe.  You can convert those BVH animations to Second Life or Opensimulator format with Blender and the Avastar plugin by Machinamatrix.  I wrote up a sequence that you can use if you know a bit of Blender, and have the Avastar plug in.



How to make better Random Numbers

Sometimes when you are programming you need "something" to happen randomly. Such as when shooting a gun at another player: you want it to not always hit and do it randomly. Maybe you want to have a physical thing happen, like a ball to fall onto a spot, but you don't want it to hit the same spot every time. There are lots of physical things that need some randomness. Flight of a bird, the waves that rock a boat, the aim of a gun; these things need a way to calculate the center around some value and then fluctuate randomly, such as in this chart:

 We need a Better Random Number Generator!

Phaze Dragons is ONLINE!

Come fly our super dragons in Opensim - FREE - No other virtual world has anything like this! Exclusively in the Outworldz at

This is a shortie from a battle in the Outworlds, recorded In the best Flash Gordon musical and film traditions (i.e., cheesy). You can tell that I suck at filming, flying, and flaming while chewing gum at the same time, so I blame my being shot into the sea by a girl on my running out of bubble gum. I particularly love that Adam Ivie and his unique green dragon got flamed and dunked on several occasions, especially since he always baked, crunched, toasted, and snacked  on me whenever we tried out his really fantastic addition of the flames and fire.
Filmed at

Updates to the Mesh library

Top 10 signs

Top 10 signs that Linden Lab is releasing Sansar, a new Second Life-like world, soon:

10. Giant yard sale at Linden Village
9. Parking spaces on Linden Street can only be reserved by "Sansar App" on iPhones. No Linux version available yet.
8. Substance Painter for PBR texturing is now priced in Lindens
7. Maya is on sale for 1 million Lindens, unless you claim to be a student, then it's free.
6. "HELP WANTED" sign posted outside the lab: ”Students wanted as interns : Must be able to type”.
5. Linden Bears are all gone - DMCA'd by  "SansarBear@National".
4. Kervorkian Linden seen in Linden Realms being chased by Death Linden
3. Splash Screen says "Mixamo will be back as soon as Adobe, who bought them,  can figure out how to make money off Sansar"
2. Employee Discount days discontinued at Yadnis Freebie’s, and they also discontinued Yadni's entire Freebies sim.
1. Philip Linden took his last, best codpiece over to

Make a Non Player Character walk on the ceiling ( or anything else move, easily)

This is a nifty script for moving a prim when sat on -It also may prove useful for anyone that needs a way to get NPCs to do other impossible-looking things. It includes a simple-to-use route recorder system. I have used this type of script for years, for tours and magic carpets, airplanes and cars, romantic swan rides for valentines day, for bird rides, and even a hummingbird. This one is Opensim compatible, and relatively low lag, as it uses llKeyFrameMotion() , which is mostly functional in Opensim. In SL this would be simpler, with at_target instead of a timer, but well, you know... bugs. I've even used it as a teleport pad hanging off the edge of a sci-fi area - when you click the pad, you stand on it, the pad moves smoothly around in the sky, and unsits you at a destination.


It can use Aine Caoimhe's super-useful NPC poseball scripts to make a NPC appear to walk anywhere.

You can get it here at the free script library!


You can use the All-in-One to walk a NPC to it, and then sit a NPC on it. It can take a crazy-upside down route, like inside that awesome Escher house, the All-In One can unsit them, and the NPC can carry on under All-In-One control to the next spot.   It also can loop continually, which would be perfect for an Escher house. In the GIF above with my troll, I used non-loop mode, and recorded a pair of recorder boxes at each corner of a square. One touch of the base and it records the route. and then just sit on it. It unsits at the end in non-loop mode. I just set it to sit-on-click - you can see my cursor.


To make a NPC sit on it and walk weird, record a route by following the instructions. Then issue the following commands to the All-In-One NPC recorder:

@walk=<x,y,z>(get near the invisible prim)
@sit=NameOfPrim (sit on it)
@pause=30 (or however long your route takes)

The route prim has a walk animation built in. It will walk your NPC upside down, sideways, however its been recorded and then unsit the NPC.

Breedable Flowers in an IAR

Breedable Flowers in an IAR - but first, and relevant so please bear with me ... I just received another snapshot of a hand-built "breedable robot" living in yet another virtual world, by Grigio Horan. Breadable pets have been around ever since Xundra Snowpaw invented them in 2009 or so. This pet is based on her work.

It took a few emails back and forth with Grigio to get the arms waving, but Grigio solved it and it's working now. He did it all - and via Google Translate, too, as Grigio is pure Italian. Xs Pets are not so simple to make - and I know from studying his emails how very hard it is when you don't speak English.

So pics or it didn't happen - ..and then I just got this pic - so Congratulazioni, Grigio !

So why is this relevant? Xundra Snowpaw has surfaced again and she has breedable flowers! Xundra killed her SL avatar and disappeared 5 years ago after releasing the XS Pet code which is the code I've modified into this more univeral robot-and-other pet code. She released the original source code under the MIT license back in 2010. It took me 3 months of hard work back then just to figure out wtf she had done. OOooohhh tricky... and now there are a lot of new plug-ins and features and the code has been ported to the various flavors of Opensim as well as Secondlife.

So I just searched for her and found out that *she has breedable flowers in an IAR* I have to try these!

Robot tutorials:

Scripting Showcase Trail is now open! -

The Scripting Showcase Trail by Hypergrid Safari in Opensim has a stop in our Virunga Mountains where you can ride an elephant and chase after the hippo and other animals. (Easter Egg tip: look in the bathroom in our model of humanitarian Rosamond Carr's house)

I'll be giving out rideable NPC scripts and animals. Come ride an elephant and find the exit to get some of my best scripts and NPC animals.

Want to look? Watch the Scripting Showcase Trail Video by Fuschia Nightfire.

More trail spots are by Prowess Rayna, Acryline Erin, Aine Caoimhe, Dirk Mathers, Gimisa Cerise, Jeff Kelley, Kayaker Magic, Aime Socrates, Walter Balazic, Camryn Darkstone, Cheops Forlife, and Snowbody Cortes.

More Updates to the Seamless Texture Library!

Seamless Texturs CC-0

Free Mesh Assets from frequently sponsors Open Movies and Open Games and (so far) one game, then releases the content with the very permissive Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. many of you already know that I've used their assets to make a mini-game in Opensim, based roughly on their Yo Frankie! game in the Blender Game Engine. This zip file includes several of their wonderful characters, such as the ram, sheep, and Momo the monkey which are now SecondLife/Opensim boned avatars. if you want to play my version, find your way via the hypergrid to and start stomping acorns!

All the assets ported from Yo Frankie to Second Life/Opensim formats are available individually or in a zip file (440 MB). The original files are also available from files are Copyright

Avia Bonne and friend Level 3
Blender view of Lighthouse  level Side view

Free Online Normal Mapper

Second Life and Opensim both support Normal Maps, which lets you create detail in simple 3D models without adding geometry, which makes the viewer show 3D content without using up precious cycles rendering all those details. Creating them usually requires $$$ tools like Photoshop, Crazy Bump (which I use extensively), or Blender.

But now you can make useful normal maps for many repetitive substances such as rocks, brickwork and other textures online thanks to Ptry Christian at

Just drag a texture onto the left window and then fifddle with it until it looks good.

Free Normal Map online

The above column texture looks like this in world:

Free normal map online

Free 3D painter

A tip from De Asanta led me to this simple and free 3D painter program. It's not fancy and Windows 7 or 8 users may need to install it by right-clicking and selecting Run As Administrator, but you can certainly paint in 3D with it on 3DS, LWO, or OBJ files. You can convert to and from DAE with the free Meshlab.

Free 3D paint programn

Oprah shouts Terrains! Everybody gets a free Terrain!

Magnuz Binder of Metropolis Grid reports that there are now 1645 Creative Commons-Zero (free) terrains available to look at and use from the Metropolis grid. They are also available online or by clicking this picture. Sizes range from singles up to giant Var regions of 25 sims, or more, and anyone with a photo editor can resize these up to really giant sim sizes.

600 free terrains

Phaze Demesnes is Closed

We closed the sim Phaze Demesnes on December 27, 2014. It was a wonderful 6 years. Phaze was about a half-robot, half-man who fell in love with a magical girl that also could turn into a hummingbird. We will miss Phaze, forever.

Here are a few of the things Debbie Edwards and I learned from running the sim.

Free mesh hair for Second life and Open Sim

Some wild mesh hair from my "Aili" Japanese girly girl project - weight painted to fit any avatar.

License is Open Source CopyLeft do what you want. Textures from Linda Kellie, Hair by Ferd ( that's meeze).

Zip file for Mesh hair Zip file has the Blender file and a DAE exported for Opensim.

You will need to upload this with the checkboxes enabled on the 3rd screen for it attach as weighted mesh. Wear it on any attachment point as the bones will move it into place.

Schrodingers Kitteh in OpenSim



kin make dis NPC kitteah kat now. After I put out teh furst 2 teh OpenSim NPC kitteh kats, i knew i musta made mistaek. Teh furst evidence? Dearest friend Debbeh seeze small wormhole appear in Virunga sim an noticd teh tail ov NPC kat goin into it. Srsly!

Now dinnr iz usually me sittin by myself as i mak lotz da funny noisez an spattr 2 mutch blood 4 anyone 2 stand and am late anywayz. Im alone 2 eat cheezburger in peace. But noooo, not tonite, thx 2 teh kat update. She iz on teh fone insistin teh kat iz iz trappd undr ground an iz still meowin an purrin an will die. Must log in. Must do so nao! Come rescue teh NPC kat, plz.


I can has be Hero! (Continued) .... or kthxbye

Live on a Sphere in Opensim and Second Life

Moons of Phaze

Ever wanted to make a world within a world? Now you can make Sphere Worlds in Second Life or OpenSim!

This is me, walking around a moon of Phaze:

It's easy and free, and you can sell them. (My scripts are Non-commercial, so no selling just the scripts, but when you use them in a build, you can sell the build).

When you make one, please send a pic and I'll post a gallery of them.


Blender tips for Opensim and Second Life

Blender workflow for Second life and OpensimMy workflow/checklist when using Blender in Second Life and Opensim.

There are a lot of nice tutorials on Blender, and they cover everything you need except all the necessary steps to make a model for Second Life and OpenSim. Things like removing doubles, back-face culling, and how to convert models from curves and surfaces to mesh are missing.

I hope this checklist is useful for those who have gotten bitten by the Blender bug.


TransmogrifierWant to transmogrify? Turn into a bat, a bird, or a dragon when you fly? Have you ever wanted to be a kid, like CaCalvin, and invent a transmogrifier? The transmogrifier is an invention of Calvin's that would turn one thing into another. It looks like a large cardboard box, which we have plenty of in OpenSim. This easy-to-make Transmogrifier will switch you into an animal when you fly and back again to your usual abnormal self when you land.

This is a simple project to make, requires very little scripting knowledge, and works in OpenSim, but it will not work in every case because it uses invisprims. Results are going to be just like when Calvin does transmogrify: erratic.

Non-Player Characters (NPC) in Opensim

I've collected a bunch of scripts for creating and working with non-player-characters (NPC's) in OpenSim.

The newest one I wrote to make it easy for anyone to play with NPC's. It is a Recorder for use as a NPC Puppeteer script.

It's a lot of fun to have tigers and elephants roaming around!

All ad revenue from clicking this ad is donated to developers.

FATEcreate Mesh Template Source Files

Damien Fate removed his FATEcreate templates from sale, and open sourced them.

You can download the source files to 32 female and 19 male mesh templates, for free.

Free Avatars

I've published a group of free mesh avatars for you to make. They range from very simple to very complex. Many more coming soon.

Aili Tandy The tiny Fairy

Gerry the Lizard Billly the Dog

Cheeter the Monkey Quebot

Flash Scratch for Second Life and OpenSim

There is a new version (0.8) of Scratch for Second Life with many more commands, and it is even simpler to use for scripting for OpenSim and Second Life. It is called Flash Scratch-to-Linden-Script Language, (FS2LSL), and it entirely web-based. FS2LSLwas made by a whole bunch of brilliant people. The version I am using came from John K. Bennett, Director of the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado at Boulder,( and many others) where he and his students have produced dozens of useful scripts that match the excellent book Scripting Your World: The Official Guide to Second Life Scripting, by Dana Moore, Michael Thome, Karen Haigh. I must totally agree with him, this is by far the best book on LSL scripting.

Seat positioner

Here is a simple Seat Positioner in FS2LSL:

FS2LSL now supports dozens of useful and easy to use script blocks, and the files can be loaded and saved to disk.

  • OpenSim or Second Life syntax
  • No download needed - web based
  • Drag and drop "Scratch-like" interface
  • Lots of Events, Sensors, Listeners, Control blocks and Motion block
  • Compatible with all my prim animators

For example, if you want to trigger a Pim Animation named "msg" using my free Prim Compiler, just use this block with the animation name and the number 1:

Prim Animate "Msg"

If you want your own copy for your own web site, I set up the source code in a zip for you, just extract it and put it on your own server.. It is available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License ( .

Linda Kellie - Open Sim Creations

I have set up a database of all my open source sculpts and DAE files, along with the files from Linda Kellie's amazing work. This contains over 1,000 items, including OAR, IAR, DAE, OBJ, and TGA files.

Linda deserves a lot of credit for her wonderful work. She has been a true pioneer of Virtual Worlds. I wish her the best of luck and success in all her ventures.

Remember Our Veterans This Memorial Day

Traditionally, we fly the American flag on Memorial Day. Here is a simple way to express your appreciation for our veterans via Second Life, by adding a waving, animated American flag to your parcel:

mesh bird

You can add your own state's flag to the display, too, provided that it is underneath the American flag, or on a separate flagpole lower than the American flag, as required by flag etiquette. You should fly the flag of the United States at half-staff from dawn until noon local time on Memorial Day.

Standard Avatar Sizes

Standard Sizing is a system that standardize avatar shapes so that rigged mesh clothing can be created to fit most adult human avatars. This lets you comfortably purchase rigged mesh clothing and accessories. There is a zip file for designers of 5 shapes representing the 5 most common adult human male and female avatar sizes in Second Life: Extra Extra Small (XXS), Extra Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L).

Download (17 MB zip). They are full permissions.

This zip file has OBJ, Maya, ZBrush and Blender files for mesh clothing and avatar designers, all set up with UV mapped materials so that standard skin templates can be used.

If you just want to wear standard size clothing, standard sized avatars are available on the Marketplace.

Standard Sizing was created by Minnu Palen & Thora Charron, Siddean Munro, Elie & Anouk Spot (of Mon Tissu) and Jaden Celoe & ShaySibrian (of Celoe)

Right click the last pic

One of the best tools for Second Life (and OpenSim) is a right mouse click to get the last scene you saw when you last logged out.

For me, it's usually a very good image because I have my camera focused on Waving girl, (always a keeper) and I would hate to lose her.

So here is how to save that last pic with a right click. (Windows only)

Just go to a regular file explorer and in the path at the top, type in "%APPDATA%" without the double quotes. You will see a window open to a folder on your hard disk. Navigate to the "SecondLife" folder (or "Firestorm" or any other viewer name), then navigate to your avatars' name. Locate the file name "Last_screen.bmp", and right click it.

Now select "Send to", then "Desktop (Create shortcut)" as shown here. Click for a larger image.

When you log in and see a great "last pic", before you log out, just go to the desktop, click the new shortcut, and the pic will open whatever app you have associated with BMP files, ready to save it in a new folder.

Aire in awesome mode

Now thanks to Aair Resident, you Mac owners can do this too. Just navigate to Home->Library->Application Support->Second Life->Your Avatar Name, and you will find the same thing.

Aair also made a nifty little chart to show you where it is: Just click it for a larger image:

Chart for Mac Nuts

ScripTastic Update

I've updated ScripTastic to make it easy to use with my free prim animator compiler with a lot of new building blocks.

Here is an example of a tip jar:


ScripTastic now supports dozens of useful and easy to use script blocks that work in both Second Life and OpenSim.

  • No coding knowledge required
  • No download needed - open source
  • Drag and drop "Scratch-like" interface
  • Lots of Events, Sensors, Listeners, Control blocks and Motion blocks
  • Ready to use in OpenSim and Second Life
  • Prim Animator Block to trigger any of my free Prim Animators
  • Compatible with all my prim animators

How to make Aili, a Free Mesh Anime Avatar for Second Life and Opensim

Aili is a half-sized Anime girl with blinking eyes, a mesh dress and mesh hair. She is easy to make and colorize. There is only one script required.



This article shows you how to make an animated zombie walk around waving his arms threatening people. If you click it to death, he falls apart into pieces, then reassembles himself to shuffle on his way to the next victim.

You can ride the zombie and command it to carry you anywhere, too. When you hop off, it will fall apart, reassemble itself, and stumble home. This system works in Second Life only (not OpenSim) due to the vehicle-like controls.

Workflow for making a new UV map from an existing one.

Sometimes you want to change a the textures on a mesh in Second Life or Open Sim, and you have a modifiable mesh object. You may have a UV map for the mesh. Maybe not. So how do you figure out the map?

Here is a workflow for working on new UV map for any arbitrary mesh.

Second Life and Open Sim Color Picker for Scripts

The color picker in your viewer is a wonderful tool, but it only works in-world, it sucks for scripts, and it's friggin Immy useless when not in a virtual world. The only alternative I have found didn't show many colors. So I fixed up the JQuery color picker and made it do the work for you Second Life and OpenSim scripters. License is MIT (Open source), so anyone that knows JavaScript or JQuery can swipe it from me for your own web site.

Drag your mouse over the color palette, or enter a value in the boxes, and you will get the LSL color vector in the bottom, ready for use in any script.

Permalink: Color Picker

Top 10 things here in 2012

These are my top post for 2012 from 1,419,770 pages viewed last year, by 156,642 unique visitors, excluding robot web crawlers.

Top Posts in 2012:
# 1 Free Prim Animation script. Replaced by the Prim Animator Compiler
# 2 Make a Breedable Pet Troubot Robot for Second Life
# 3 Make a Breedable Pet Bird for Second Life. Not a good idea to use this any more, it was replaced by the Pet Robot scripts above.
# 4 2000 Radio Stations for Second Life and OpenSim
# 5 How to make a realistic fish, err, mammal, in Second Life
# 6 Second Life Clothes Previewer updated
# 7 Convert GIF to Second Life
# 8 Automatic Phoenix viewer Parcel Windlight settings
Top 10 Scripts in 2012:
# 1 The Single prim animator script. Now replaced by Prim Animator Compiler
# 2 XS Quail breedable pets. Replace by the Pet Robot scripts
# 3 Gif to Second Life
# 4 Flash Water for Second Life
# 5 Security Orb
# 6 XS Pet Ager - helps to debug the pet scripts. Beats me why it was popular
# 7 Make it Rain
# 8 Visitor List Maker
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# 10 Spy on other Avatars

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Tandy the Fairy Nymph


Tandy the Jewel Fairy needs your help! A demon has been sexting her with nasty chat messages and chasing her around the virtual worlds. She had a night-mare, caught it and rode the mare away, and is now hiding in my computer in a zip file. She needs an Ogre like you to rescue her from my virtual world, and bring her to yours.

Here is a complete set of tutorials on how to make a very tiny avatar, including clothing, scripts, AO and much more!

Royalty Free textures

I was out looking for a nice wood texture to use in Phaze Demesnes, and as usual, could not find what I needed. So I fired up Wood Workshop by Spiral graphics and made one. This is a wonderful free tool for making wood and brick textures that I have used for years:

Then I got curious to see what else they make, and discovered that they have a equally wonderful (and free) texture viewer with access to hundreds of modifiable and useful textures for Second life and OpenSim users.

How to free Lucy the Angel, and allow her to live in a dragon-egg house

Lucy is an angel that wants to fly and live in a dragon egg. She has been stuck in the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository as very large 116 million triangle angel, but she really wants to be a 2-prim angel and to be able to fly. She wants to live in a 5-prim dragon egg.

So she needs your help! Once you have brought Lucy into your virtual world, just click her dragon egg home. It will open like a flower and let her roam around. Clicking her home again calls her back, and she will wait for you to summon her again.

Lucy can fly in Second Life and OpenSim grids, or any other virtual world that supports mesh objects.

So lets go free Lucy!

Second Life Avatar meshes in AC3D and OBJ format

If you like to make clothing for OpenSim and Second Life, you need the right tools. Things like John Durant's' SL Clothing Previewer are great, but you need tools to paint on the clothes. But the Lindens don't provide OBJ files with the correct UV mapping for clothes.

But the Avatar Databank does!

Zee Pixel has put together a complete set of male and female body parts with the correct UV mappings that let you paint directly in Adobe Photoshop n a 3-D avatar.

I've combined that with high resolution open source templates into a DAE file all ready for you to draw on. Just click the pic to get the zip with male and female avatars and templates in Collada format ready to load into Adobe Photoshop:

Easily make free mesh trees for OpenSim and Second Life

Every once in a while I discover a really good free tool for Second Life, OpenSim and other virtual worlds. Tree[d] is one of those great free tools for Windows users. It is an easy to use yet powerful tree and leaf maker that makes mesh trees with just a click of a mouse:

Tree samples

Tree[d] is particularly useful for OpenSim based worlds that support mesh, as large numbers of mesh triangles add up quickly in Second Life.

So here is the easy way to make mesh trees

Thousands of free 3-D CAD models you can use in Second Life and OpenSim

Way too many web sites allow you get free 3-D models, but they will not let you transfer them to other people or use them in virtual worlds.

So I sought out the best places to get Creative Commons and unrestricted 3-D CAD models for you to enjoy.

Five web sites with thousands of free 3-D CAD models.

42 minute music and speech player/broadcaster for Second Life.

Ever been to a museum and been given a headset and player that speaks and plays music whenever you get next to an exhibit? This set of scripts makes that happen in Second Life or OpenSim. It's ideal for artists, exhibits, sim owners, and landowners anywhere. You can use it to tell the story of your world, to announce what a piece of art is about, give directions ("you are on the path to ..."), or anything else you dream up. You can play any length of music, spoken words, or chat to speech from my free text-to-wav file program, up to 43 minutes long, without using shared media. You can single play, or loop forever, too.

Multiple people Headphones triggered HUD broadcasts
Multiple users can hear the sounds and music playing continuously as they walk nearby. A set of mesh headphones lets you see who is listening to your exhibit Privacy is gained by wearing a HUD, where only a person wearing the HUD can hear sounds played by the broadcast prim.

More information in the post.

Sphere World Open Source

I've released my Sphere World into the Open source community. You can get the scripts for pet animals and the world ( file at my download link and the instructions and scripts at this link.

Sphere World has three versions: One is a world you can walk on by clicking a pose ball. It finds the nearest sphere world and you can actually walk on it!

The second use is a set of replacement scripts for xs_pets that lets pets live and breed on a sphere.

The third way to use them is to make non-breedable things live on a sphere.

I've got a set of robots living on a moon in the dome at Phaze Demesnes as well as some nice little elves that live on a sphere. They are up and running free, too, so visit Phaze Demesnes and grab a copy.

Ferd's Text-to-Wave converter, the easy way

This text to speech tool lets you create Second Life™ compliant 44 kHz audio files of any text that you type in.

You can speak in female or male voices, too. A set of <XML> commands lets you control pitch, speed, and emphasis.

These are extremely useful in Second Life™. I used them a lot. Use the LSL script command llPlaySound("sound name",1.0); to play them in-world.

How to add textures remotely to your XS Pet

You can now make your pet breed with textures! This has been the most requested feature for XS_Pets for some time now. There is a plug-in script that goes into your pet, and a script that goes into any old prim somewhere in Second Life along with your skin textures. It works on simple pets are complex pets with multiple textures, too.

This new feature allows you to both color and apply any texture to any prim in your pet, and do it remotely. You can add more textures for rare breeds at any time. And it's really easy to set up.

Read the post

Awesome Lighting effects

The always awesome Torley Linden shows how to use light casting with a single prim to make impressive photographs in Second Life

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Free tools to make machinima movies in Second Life

This article is about free tools for making machinima movies for YouTube and Vimeo in Second Life.

Need to do some movies? Want to blog about writing web pages and other stuff? I've found the perfect choice for recording video for Second Life and for lessons. I've added tips in the article on how to eliminate HUDS, how to get rid of the User Interface, and how to make your camera movements smooth.

This article is about Camstudio - a free tool for recording video of your entire desktop, a specific region, or a making tutorials. It's perfect for recording Second Life videos, and best of all, its free!

Red Adept and Minion

Search dozens of selected web sites for OpenSim and LSL script

New! Script Meta-Search will search thousands of scripts here and at other sites for LSL or Opensim scripts.

Make an animated mesh frog chase and eat a bug - Best Second Life tools

Mesh leapord frog

OpenSim and Second Life have many wonderful artists who can sculpt and build wonderful items. Everywhere I go I see great looking animals and objects. But those objects are just sitting there! Maybe they move a head or blink and eye, but that's about all I see. It makes it far more dramatic when your critters move and exhibit animal-like behavior. There seems to be a lack of knowledge or skill on how to do simple movements, perhaps because people do not know how to script, or if they do, what tricks you can use to do these effects with.

Pets can move about using several techniques, such as prim movement, llMoveTo physics, as vehicles using physics, and with the several new path finding commands. OpenSim has a variety of poorly behaving physics engines, and I want to keep this simple. In honor of the people who found a new species of leopard frog in New York, I made a mesh frog and a moving bug for it to eat and a set of scripts to animate them This article will show you how to do basic animal behavior and movements effects using the simplest possible method of prim movement:

  • Movement within a bounding area
  • Pursuit of prey
  • Eating behavior
  • Walking effects
  • Prey movement
  • Prey being eaten
  • Prims: 6 for the frog, 2 for the bug
You can make this pet easily and modify it for your own uses. This is licensed so you cannot sell this frog, but you are free to make and sell any products that are based on this products scripts using these techniques.

I rate this as a simple project that anyone can build. You do not need any knowledge of making scripts, sculpts, or meshes, except how to add them to a prim. I am including some extensive notes on how you can make your own bugs and pets using my techniques, but you can skip these steps.

OpenSim users: Because this project is based on mesh, it requires OpenSim version 0.7.2 or higher

Make your own Animated frog that chase bugs

Best Sculpt Map templates for Second Life

Using sculpt templates was the only way to paint in 3-D for a long time. I finally decided to pay for Photoshop CS5 so I could paint directly in 3-D, and I figured that was the end of need for the sculpt map. However, I realized just now that I still use these sculpt maps every day, to check for alignment of meshes and mapping the textures in different ways.

I was just making a new mesh foot for my horse. I thought I was done, and it seems to look good when textured, but the UV map said otherwise.

I had issues with the hooves. The prim on the left has issues in the B2-B3 area, and the prim on the right has been fixed. The fix dropped 20 vertexes and 57 surfaces from the one on the right, which reduces lag and makes it look better at the same time.

Problem with rim ordering

So here are three sculpt maps including the one I use most often, from the Second Life® Wiki, Copyright © 2007-2009 Linden Research, Inc. which are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. Click them to get the full sized templates, save them to disk, and enjoy!

Classic UV Checker Sculpt alignment by DanielFox Abernathy UV Checker by Void Singer
My Favorite UV Checker, by
UV Checker by
DanielFox Abernathy
UV Checker by
Chosen Few
Best for painting Shows the exact location of the vertexes Good for prims in-world for aligning textures because it is in decimal and matches the offsets in the viewer.

Make a Bee fly to flowers and gather honey in Second Life

bee sign

It's time to give away a bunch of my work again. I've always loved birds and bees and I love to make things that are unusual and unique. This bee was inspired by this sign I saw at the Texas State fair.

I'll show you how to make a 5-prim bee that gather honey from 1-prim flowers, and takes it back to a 1-prim beehive. I'm giving away some difficult work here! The wing sculpt alone took me weeks to figure out. Since I wanted this to work in OpenSim, too, I had to come up with a function to replace the (broken) llLookat() system call.

This project includes several neat tricks I've learned and will teach you:

1) It uses non-physical movement, so it is very low lag. Except for a small burst of script activity every 5 seconds, this script uses few resources.

2) It works in OpenSim thanks to a neat replacement for llLookAt(). If you are a scripter, you will love the function face_target().

2) This bee uses a very fast wing-movement effect that has no server-side lag at all, even for very high wing rates. This is the same trick I have used in my freebie butterflies, fairies and hummingbird projects, and now you will know how the trick works. There is a template included so you can make your own wings. I've never seen it published before. This is a zero-lag effect.

Read the post and make you own bee for collecting pollen!

Off-sim Pose Balls for Second Life

Normally avatars cannot go off the edge of a sim. But a simple trick will let you move your avatar off the edge. Even better, you can dance, walk, or fly!

I made a set of sculpts and a nice demo of this effect in an off-sim dance floor. In addition, I've modified a camera control script that you can add to existing pose balls.

This is the original photo I modeled it from. The result is this 9-prim stairway to heaven

Read this post for more information and all sets of sculpts, textures and both scripts.

2000 Radio Stations for Second Life

Want to play music on your land in Second Life? Here is a list of several thousand streaming stations that are compatible with Second Life.

These are the Top-most-listened-to radio stations on the Internet in dozens of categories.

This table of radio stations refreshes daily from the most popular stations in the world out of over 60,000 stations.

More and More Tools and tip and tricks

Wait! There are many more Free Tools, Tricks and Tips in part 2!

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