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Show your land the best way - with automatic Phoenix viewer Parcel Windlight settings

The Phoenix viewer ( Dec 2010) now supports automatic Parcel Windlight land settings that send your chosen Windlight Sky and Water Presets to your visitors automatically!

Here is a quick video by Jessica, on the Phoenix developer tem, showing some of the features:

Any landowner can easily set up Phoenix Windlight settings with a simple change to the description of your land in the About-Land tab.

Just add a line like this at the end of the parcel description in the About Land -> General tab:

 /*Sky:"[preset]"Water:"[preset]" RegionOverride*/

Example: If the sky preset is to be 'Incongruent Truths' ( my favorite) and the water preset 'Pond' and the parcels description is ”My place” then the parcel description would be like this:

 My place

/*Sky: "Incongruent Truths" Water: "Pond" RegionOverride*/

5 seconds after someone using Phoenix enters a parcel, the viewer will prompt for permission to change their settings, or to ignore them. For you, the settings will auto-apply if the land is owned by you, the land is owned by a friend, the land is deeded to a group you are a member of, or you previously granted permissions to change to the same land owner on this or another parcel.

You can also set parameters for altitude, such as for a skybox, independently of the land settings at ground level..

For more information on various options, check the Phoenix viewer blog at this link.

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