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This post is very old and is only because of for historial reasons. See this link for more details on alternate methods

Here is a simple to use program to make 3-D sculpted sim shapes from Second Life or OpenSim grids with the terrain map generator by Spinmass. Henri Beauchamp, creator of the famous Cool Viewer has updated it and posted the source code under a BSD license.

First, download and unzip the Terrain-Sculpt zip file into a folder on your computer.

Double-click and run the program TerrainSculptor.exe

Enter your Second Life Avatar name and password. You can optionally set the name of the sim to begin in, and optionally set the OpenSim grid as your starting point.

Once you have logged in, the terrain display will update.

Click the 'Rotate' button to fill in all the details:

You can now log out.

Navigate to the 'Save' folder on your hard drive:

Inside this folder is the sculpt map and the Sim surface images, ready to upload to Second Life or OpenSim.

Once you put the sculpt map onto a prim and then add the image, it will look like this:

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