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Make a Breedable Pet Bird Feeder for Second Life

Original bird home
Original Home Post,
image courtesy of
Len W. Brown

Completed bird feeder

This is Part 2 - Making a homing bird feeder for a breedable pet in Second Life.

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Your pets need to know where 'home' is. The home position is set by rezzing a 'homing' prim and touching it. Each bird will always stay near this post. The original XS Quail homed to a small half-sphere. I chose to make this a pretty, sculpted bird feeder.

The first thing you will need is this image, which is the sculpt shape.

Birdefeeder sculpt

Go ahead and right-click and save the texture to disk, and then upload it to Second Life.

Now make a prim and apply this texture the Sculpted Texture window:

Feeder sculpted

Look in my edit window and you can see that I made my feeder 1 meter wide by 1 meter deep by 2 meters tall.

You do NOT want to make it any taller than this as the birds will check to see that the center of the post is less than 1 meter above or below the bird.

Now right-click and save this texture to disk, and upload it to Second Life.

bird feeder texture

Once the texture is loaded, apply it to the sculpted item in the texture window:

Apply texture to feeder

You will need to select the 'Flip Vertical' button to make the texture appear correctly.

UPDATE 10-22-2011

You must add to the home post a Description consisting of a number such as 5. This number is how far away the Quail can be from a Home post and still find it.

Scripting the Post

Edit the homing post and add the xs_home script to it.

Be sure to change the string SECRET_PASSWORD = "top secret"; to something else! It must match the password you used in Step 1.

Add the home script

Name your Object 'XS Home Object'.

Name the Object

Now that you have the script in place, close the edit window and touch the post. Touch to see chat


Set the permissions on your scripts to NO Modify so that no one can see your scripts. The post should be set to allow other users to copy.

Take a copy of the Homing post back to inventory. You will add this to the bird in a later step.

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