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This is Part 7 - Operating XS pets Quail in Second Life

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How to put it all together

Start by rezzing all the individual items.

How to package for First Use

You must package these items before they can be used.

Rez the egg

It should appear, and announce that
it is rezzing:
Then it should change colors.
rezzing change color

Now you can touch your egg and get a menu and a message in chat:

menu chat

Rez the Egg cup

Rez the Egg Cup. Click the menu setting "Package". The egg will disappear and the egg cup will take on the egg colors.

You can take a copy of the egg cup to inventory and this is what will give birth to a bird.

Unpacking the egg cup

Click the egg cup and select 'unpackage'. The egg will appear and the egg cup will delete itself.

Hatching the egg

Click the egg and select 'hatch'. The bird will be born above the egg, and the egg will disappear.

If there is homing post out, the bird will appear and change colors and drop to the ground. If there is no post nearby, the bird will stay in mid-air and the egg cup will remain. Euither rez the home post and touch it, or click the bird to get the egg cup to disappear and the bird to announce its sex and statistics in chat.

There is a bug in the original XS-home script. The post cannot hear the birds rezzing. Therefore you must touch the post. If you use the modified script, and a post is out, any birds that are born will ber able to find the home post and operate normally. If you use the original scripts, the bird will stay in the air until you touch the post.

Homing post

Your users can click the bird and select "Home Objec". They will receive the homing post.

The bird will move to it in six hours and start to eat.

Once you have succeeded in raising a bird from an egg, then clicking a quail will bring up hovertext stats and local chat stats, showing such things as colour, name, age, generation, and special conditions or shine and glow.

Here is what it looks like in action:

Transporting a bird

Rez a transport crate nearby.

Now that you have your crate ready, click the bird and select the menu for 'Package'.


The bird will poof into the crate, and the box will change color:

boxed bird

Take a copy of the crate back to inventory.

Click the transport crate and unpack your bird and verify that the bird re-appears.

How to Use

Now you can take the crate you have in inventory and sell it. When you want your bird back, rez it, and click the box:


Select Yes to rez the bird.

You bird also has a menu:

You can rename the bird, turn sounds on and off, Set its home to the Homing bird feeder, put the bird to sleep, or package the bird into a crate for transporting in your inventory.


You can move and touch this post and the birds will consider it their new home.

Here is short video showing it in operation.

How to Use

The original starter kits contained three egg cups to hatch from.

Quails take 7 days to mature and are pregnant for 2 days. After seven days it will be mature and will then begin seeking a mate. If a mate is found it will come into contact with the mate and the female will become "pregmant." Eggs can be laid and then put into egg cups to me moved, sold, or stored. Quials do not die of old age. They must be fed, though.

If there is any demand for it, I will post how to modify these scripts to use your own shapes and make you own animals. The changes will be in the xs-ager script and the movement scripts due to the size changes.

Update: There is now a series of scripts and plug ins to make breedable pets.


Ferd Frederix

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