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Make a Breedable Pet Egg for Second Life

This is Part 4 - Making an Egg for breedable pets in Second Life

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Your bird must be rezzed from another object in order to live and breed. Obviously, this requires an egg.

Make a prim and set it to sphere shape. Make a second prim, and set them both to these sizes to get an egg shape:
<0.1, 0.1, 0.2>
<0.1, 0.1, 0.16>
Path Cut B: 0.500 E: 1.000
texture: blank

Now position them together to be an egg shape, and link them together.


Note: This prim MUST be named 'XS Egg'.

Scripting the Egg

Put a copy of the script xs_egg in the 'XS Egg'.


Set the permissions on the script to No Mod. Set the entire object to No Mod. And set it to copy, as you want your customers to grow lots of hungry little birds.

How to Use

Take this egg back into inventory. In the next step, we will make a bird crate.

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