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Make a Breedable Pet Egg Cup for Second Life

This is Part 6 - Making a egg crate for a breedable pet in Second Life.

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As your birds breed, they will lay eggs. If you need to move eggs, they must be put into an Egg Cup. An egg cup is a way to keep eggs in inventory. Cryo-crates and egg cups should be given out for free.

Make 3 prims. The prims should be set as follows:

Prim 1
Sphere 0.146,0.146,0.26
Path Cut B: 0.000 E: 0.500
Shine: High

Prim 2
Sphere 0.105,0.105,0.186
Path Cut B: 0.500 E: 0.000

Prim 3
Sphere 0.105,0.105,0.1
Path Cut B: 0.000 E: 0.500

Put the three prims together to make an egg balanced on a large half-sphere.

Select the cup, then the top half of the egg and finally the bottom half of the egg and press ctrl-L to link them together. name this object 'Egg Cup'.

Your prim should look like this if you put a shine on the bottom and paint it silver:

egg cup script
Image courtesy of Len W. Brown.

Scripting the Egg Cup

Put a copy of xs_eggcup in the Egg cup.

Put a copy of the XS Egg and Quail from your inventory in the egg cup.


Set the permissions on the scripts in your egg cup to no-modify.

Now you can take it back to inventory.

Part 7 - How to script and operate the system

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