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Blender notes for porting to Second Life and OpenSim

Blender vs Virtual Worlds

There are differences in standard Blender models and Second Life/OpenSim that must be taken care of.     There are also several plugins and add-ons, some free, some not, that make Blender work really well for Second Life modeling.  This post shows you my setup and my workfolow.    Not everything I do is necessary for modeling for Second Life, but some of my settings may prove useful to you in your ramblings around in the wonderful worldof Second Life and  Blender.

Part 1 - Blender Add ins for Second Life and Open Sim

Part 2 - Licenses

Part 3 - Fixing Blenders broken settings

Part 4 - Important settings for Second Life and OpenSim

Part 5 - Materials vs Textures

Part 6 - Exporting Blender files to Second Life and OpenSim

Part 7 - Animations in Second Life and OpenSim

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