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Best tools for Second Life and Opensim - Right-click-the Last Pic

One of the best tools for Second Life (and OpenSim) is a right mouse click to get the last scene you saw when you last logged out.

For me, it's usually a very good image because I have my camera focused on Waving girl, (always a keeper) and I would hate to lose her.

So here is how to save that last pic with a right click. (Windows only)

Just go to a regular file explorer and in the path at the top, type in "%APPDATA%" without the double quotes. You will see a window open to a folder on your hard disk. Navigate to the "SecondLife" folder (or "Firestorm" or any other viewer name), then navigate to your avatars' name. Locate the file name "Last_screen.bmp", and right click it.

Now select "Send to", then "Desktop (Create shortcut)" as shown here (click for larger images):

When you log in and see a great "last pic", before you log out, just go to the desktop, click the new shortcut, and the pic will open whatever app you have associated with BMP files, ready to save it in a new folder.

Aire in awesome mode

Now thanks to Aair Resident, you Mac owners can do this too.  Just navigate to Home->Library->Application Support->Second Life->Your Avatar Name, and you will find the same thing.

Aair also made a nifty little chart to show you where it is: Just click it for a larger image:

Chart for Mac Nuts

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