How to make Gerrymander the lizard- a Free Mesh Avatar for Second Life and Opensim

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This a free mesh avatar that is part of a series on how to make mesh avatars..

How to make Gerrymander the lizard- a Free Mesh Avatar for Second Life and Opensim

Difficullty: EASY.

Gerry the lizard is a tiny avatar, about 1 meters tall.  The eyes focus and follow the camera, and the avatar is 10% mesh so it is flexible, too.


ZIpDownload the zip file to get the avatar pieces your need, or click each piece that is laid out in this tutorial one at a time.

Upload the Avatar

You will need to download the DAE file or locate the LIZARD.dae file in the zip folder.


Upload the avatar

Log into your world and upload the mesh lizard.  I use Firestorm viewer for this tutorial. 

Up0load mesh 

Browse to the lizard.dae  file and select  it.

Level of Detail 

Select Avatar shape  in the pulldown and give your lizard a name.

Now pick the Physics tab and select "Lowest"

Lowest Physics setting 

Click the Upload Options tab

Upload Options Tab 

Select a size of about 0.2.  This will save on upload costs.  The size of your avatar cannot be changed by this.  It sets the size of the prim when you are not wearing it.

Also check the Include Skin  Weights and  Include Joint Positions checkboxes, and enter an offset of -0.1870 in the Z offset box.

Now click the Calculate Fee button. It should cost you $72 lindens. After it calculates, click Upload.

Now locate Gerrymander in your inventory and rez it on the ground



There is no need to move any parts, like the eyes. They will position themselves automatically when the lizard is worn.

You will need to add two textures and the avatar will be complete except for the tail.

Download this eye texture and upload it to Second Life or Open Sim.

Eye Texture

Put the eye texture on both eyes.    You will need to drag it onto the outer and again on the pupil area, twice.

Body Texture 

Click any picture below to get the largest, full sized 1024 X 1024 picture. 

Now download one of these skins and  and upload it to Second Life or Open Sim.




I chose the purple one.   You will need to drag it onto the different white part of the left foot, because I screwed up the material there. Just drag it twice again.


You can now take Gerry back to inventory

Time to wear GerryMander the lizard

Right click the lizard in your inventory and select Attach To.  Pick any attachment point that is unlikely to be used, such as stomach.  The default is "Right Hand", and that is likely to be used by other attachments, so pick something else.

Right click 

Your avatar will shrink down and look awful!  That is because you are wearing all your old prim boots shows, and clothing.  

Take off ALL your prim objects.

Now go into Avatar->Appearance and click the cog wheel at the bottom

Edit Avatar 

Select New Clothes-> New Alpha

This menu will appear:

Alpha blank


Click each alpha checkbox 

Give it a name and save it.




How to make the flexible, twitchy tail

Now rez a box  to make a tail

Make a box

Set the box to shape Cylinder 

Set the size to 0.075 X 0.075 X 0.5 meters

Set the Taper X and Taper Y to 1.00

It should look like this: 

Make ithe box into a tail

You will need one of these three textures:

Green Tail  Purple Tail Blue Tail

Gop ahead and upload your chice and apply it to the tail. 

Also set the Repeat (V) to 2.0:

Repeat the tail texture twice 

Now go to the Contents tab and click "New Script"

Double click the New Script that appears to open it in the editor.

New Script


Now delete the contents of that script and add this script, or download it in LSL format from this download link:


// twitchy tail script
float on = 0.0;
float off = 1.0;
list params_Up ;
list params_Left ;
list params_Right ;
list params_Stiff;

float ona = 0.0;
float offa = 1.0;

integer softness = 1;
float gravity = 0.4;
float friction =3.0;
float wind = 0.0;
float tension = 1.5;
vector force =<0,0,0>;
vector forceL =<1,0,0>;
vector forceR =<-1,0,0>;
         params_Up = [ PRIM_FLEXIBLE, TRUE, softness, -1, friction, wind, tension, force];
        params_Left = [ PRIM_FLEXIBLE, TRUE, softness, -gravity, friction, wind, tension,  forceL];
        params_Right = [ PRIM_FLEXIBLE, TRUE, softness, -gravity, friction, wind, tension,  forceR];
        params_Stiff = [ PRIM_FLEXIBLE, FALSE, softness, -gravity*4, friction, wind, tension,  force];

    touch_start(integer total_number)
        llSay(0, "Don't touch that!");
        float num  = llFrand(4);
         if (num < 0.25)
         else if (num < 2)
         else if (num < 3)
         else {
         llSetTimerEvent(llFrand(1) + 1); 

    on_rez(integer param)

Now take the tail and attach to your pelvis. It will appear below you. Edit it and position it.

Edit the tail 

Now click the tail!

Enjoy your new mesh avatar!   The original lizard was made by gholm at


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