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How to make Cheeter, a Free Mesh Monkey Avatar for Second Life and Opensim

Cheeter is a half-sized monkey avatar. He is easy to make.

Cheeter the mesh monkey avatar

Upload Cheeter

The first step is to download the Cheeter zip file or get the DAE file.


Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder on your disk.

Log into your virtual world and then click the mesh uploader button. Your viewer may differ from the screens shown below.

Level of Detail Screen

The first screen is Level of Detail. Change the name to 'Cheeter' and select Avatar Shape in the pulldown.

Levl Of Detail 

The preview window will show Cheeter.

Physics Window:

Click the Physics Tab and select 'Lowest' in the pulldown I have highlighted:

Physics Tab 

Upload Options tab

Click the Upload Options tab. Set the size to 0.2, and check the Include Skin Weight and Include Joint Positions boxes.


 Also set the Z-Offset to -0.45.  This will lower  the half-sized monkey back to the ground.

Now Press Calculate Weights and Fees, and then select Upload.

Texturing Cheeter

Pull Cheeter out of your inventory and rez him on the ground:



Now go to File Upload and upload these images from the zip file. If you are saving them from this web page, be sure you click each picture to get the larger one, then save it to disk.

Body texture

skin texture

eye texture

Eye texture

Drag each texture onto Cheeter's appropriate part and he should look like this:

Avatar look

Rename this prim to "Cheeter".

Now take the "Cheeter", back to Inventory. Give him a name in case you messed up.

Wearing Cheeter

You can wear Cheeter at this time. The best method is to Right-Click the item in inventory, and Attach him to some part OTHER THAN the right hand. The right hand is the default, so later, if you wear something else on the right hand, you will be surprised when you body disappears.

Any part will work, such as stomach or left hand..

You should appear smaller, and your prim parts that you were wearing will still be there.

Take off the prim parts and go into Edit Appearance.

Locate the Alpha Tab and click all of the check boxes for the alpha boxes:

Alpha Layer

Click Save As and give this the name "Cheeter Alpha". You must wear this layer when you want to be Cheeter.


Now make a prim, and set it to type=Cylinder.   Set the Taper to 1.0 so that it is shaped like a tail.

Tail prim

Now add the tail texture to the tail

tail texture


Tail Texture

I set the size of my tail to 0.15 X 0.15 X 1.0

Tail Size

Put this script inside the tail by Clicking the Content tab and then clicking "New Script" .  COpy and paste the script in, replacing the default script.


// Flexible tail script by Ferd Frederix

float on = 0.0;
float off = 1.0;
list params_Up ;
list params_Left ;
list params_Right ;
list params_Stiff;

float ona = 0.0;
float offa = 1.0;

integer softness = 1;
float gravity = 0.4;
float friction =3.0;
float wind = 0.0;
float tension = 1.5;
vector force =<0,0,0>;
vector forceL =<1,0,0>;
vector forceR =<-1,0,0>;
         params_Up = [ PRIM_FLEXIBLE, TRUE, softness, -10, friction, wind, tension, force];
        params_Left = [ PRIM_FLEXIBLE, TRUE, softness, -gravity, friction, wind, tension,  forceL];
        params_Right = [ PRIM_FLEXIBLE, TRUE, softness, -gravity, friction, wind, tension,  forceR];

        params_Stiff = [ PRIM_FLEXIBLE, FALSE, softness,
         -gravity*4, friction, wind, tension,  force];


    touch_start(integer total_number)
        llSay(0, "Don't touch that!");
        float num  = llFrand(4);    
        if (num < .25)
         else if (num < 2)
         else if (num < 3)
         else {
         llSetTimerEvent(llFrand(1) + 1); 

    on_rez(integer param)

Give the tail a name, and take it to inventory.  Now attach the tail to spine and position and size it to fit.


Attach th4e tail

I ended up with an 0.050 X 0.050 X 1 meter tail:

Tail size

There you have it! You should go into Edit appearance and save your new Cheeter Avatar so it will be a complete collection.

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License:  This avatar is licensed under Creative Commons by attribution.  Cheeter is based upon work by Kursad Karatas contact:   at