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A few of the things thatDebbie Edwards and I learned from running the sim "Phaze Demesnes" over the last six years:

It's not just about planting pretty plants, or building things, or writing cool scripts. It's also about building friendships that last forever. Be sure to plant and nurture those, too.

I hated to delete all the data on vistors and games and stuff like that today. I always thought Phaze would slowly wind down, and stop from lack of interest. But 504 people visited Phaze Demesnes the last day it existed, and many left us notes and messages of support, and money. Proof below in the image. Each dot is a person/minute.

Do place your hummingbird away from the edges so that it never strays. +Debbie Edwards has a "Hummy' that has always been with her. It never got returned and was one of the last things she said goodbye to - and I was there and I can attest that it was a deeply emotional moment. Find your hummingbird and watch over it. It will pay you back all the love you gave it, and then more.

Pick a theme and stick with it. Blue Magic was our theme. Debbies "Hummy" reminded me of the series "Split Infinity" by Piers Anthony, and when I told her a bit of the story, she fell in love with it, and me, too. We based the entire sim around his half-robot/half-man who falls in love with a shape-shifting hummingbird/girl and their parents, the Blues, who lived in the Castle Blue in the Blue Demesnes. Their "Blue Magic" was a perfect fit. Later, we added some ideas from "Pandora". The only Pandora bit that survived to the end was one plant.

That naked man in the top of the tall tower who was there all day long, year in and year out? Let him stay. He was the very last visitor - I had to eject him along with an apology for doing so as we needed to blow up the castle. We spoke maybe two or three times - and the last time was after Phaze was gone. But I know he loved Phaze. Her told me so then.

Those twin girls that pop into the Fairy Demesnes - every night? They put their avatars to bed there, and only then would they log out. They did this for many years. I wonder if they wondered what their avatars did until they logged back in? So put your avatar to bed every night.

Don't worry about griefers in your sim. Even though I had rez and scripts enabled, I had exactly one griefer in six years. He tried to push me around with some flame thingy. I was delighted to show him my Blue Magic. First I froze him, then I hit him with a tornado and then I turned him into a tree. I wish he had stayed around longer. I still had lots more effects to use and never did get to use them or ban him. It was fun to be the most powerful Adept magician in the land of Phaze. I will never forget it..

Plan on scripts doing unexpected things.  I put out a free Osprey that needed to be rezzed to fly, and it was not designed to be worn. It used random numbers to move around the sky erratically. I learned this lesson when Debbie and I saw the first person to get the Osprey flying erratically - and naked - over the lagoon with a bird attached to where his mesh pants used to be. It was priceless.

Use a Grid. Never put an 1,100 prim castle at a 31.125678 degree angle. The pictures will never hang straight. Next time, use an even number and move the land to match the Castle.

Don't put anything that blocks access to <0,0,0>. You will have to dig deep there for lost boats, various dragons and swan rides, and no-longer mooooving cows. Do make cows that shout out "Moo Moo, I love you" and don't worry if you lose a few. They will likely be at <0,0,0> having a prim party.

Second Life is very reliable. It never, ever lost any data. The blue whale traveled more than 5 times around a scale Earth according to the script. Be sure to put data loggers into scripts so you can know important facts such as 21,795 people clicked a button that said "Do Not Click". I had these in lots of places - a pose ball that appeared to be away to climb down a rope - but actually llShouted "Oh Fuck!" and let you fall. I was amazed at how many people fell for that one. The hover text said "19,687 people fell in this hole". And they did.

Remember to lock the castle! Yes, it can still be fun to spend a day with a dear friend restoring 500 prims or so in the half dozen sets of consolidated Castle Blue chunks that the landlord at Bell Estates returned by mistake when they rearranged the land for me. It really binds you and your partner together - the one who helped sort thru the mess worried about her perfume bottle. We finally found her itsy bitsy no-copy bottle about 3 months later in mid air. "When are you going to straighten out the castle?" had lots more meaning after that.

Most admirers will never say a word. ( I am a lurker, too) But a lot of people, - people we didn't even know - well, they went to a great deal of trouble to tell us how much they loved her - and they also preserved a little bit of her in photos, blogs and writings.

You will certainly fall in love with prims. And you will cry (a lot) when you finally delete them. And cry even more when writing about them when they are all finally , really, absolutely and totally gone, gone forever, like Phaze Demesnes is now.


~ Ferd and Wavy, the Blue Adept and the Lady Blue

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