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About Phaze Demesnes

Phaze Demesnes was the home of the Blue Adept and the Lady Blue. We closed the sim after 6 years of loving every minute, in December of 2014. It lives on in our memories and in pictures and prims found in 240,000 or so peoples inventories.

The original Castle Blue, est 2007
Trool the Troll and Lady Blue in 2014

Trool and Lady Blue in 2014


Phaze was a Secondlife adventure game based on Piers Anthony's book series about the Blue Adept. You sought out magic items in the land of Phaze, meet Neysa, the magical unicorn/Hummingbird/female human, traveled in the underwater world of the Translucent Adept, crossed the curtain that separates the world of magic from the world of science. You could play games in the Tourney in Proton to become a powerful Citizen and thwart the Adverse Adepts

The Blue Adept is considered the most powerful of all the adepts. He is married married to the Lady Blue, the finest woman in Phaze

The Lady Blue

Lady Blue visits Translucent's Demesnes

The Lady Blue

The triple thee carries the force of an oath,
and shows the splash of truth

The Robot Adept, Mach, is not yet
competent to rez a boat

Castle Blue and Proton

Vamps and Harpies are about

The Demon Xanth fishing in Phaze

Vampires rule the night

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