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Linden Bear Hunt

Linden Bears Many Lindens make a bear to give out to residents. Hunting Linden bear is a difficult thing to do, since Lindens can hide invisibly and are often very busy with office hours. Some will give them out when asked, and others give theirs for good deeds.

This Valentines day will give you a good shot at collecting more Linden bears. There is usually an annual Kiss-a-Linden event on February 14. Don't want to kiss a Linden? Too yucky? You say you just want to click and get one?

Well, you can! Get ready for the easiest bear you will ever get. There is a set of SL8B (Second Life 8th Birthday) Linden bears on the Marketplace.

There are many more bears that you can get by just knowing where to look. I have seven more for you.

This post will show you seven more to hunt for.

Make a Breedable Pet for Second Life

Multiple blinking eyes option

They live! I have a set of living robots in the dome in Phaze Demesnes, and in OpenSim. These pets are based on the XS_Quail code (below), but are much improved and are not specific to robots or quail or any other type of animal.

Here is a video showing how the pet Troubot Robot moves, and how the eyes change. And here is my article on how to make a breedable pet robot ( or other pet)

This is a small collection of pics of pets made by others; if you have a pic of your xs_pet, please send it to me fred @

Joey Darinans ELQ Frog and Lily Pad Paty Paule Gabe Littlething Pythas MyPets Walk on a Sphere< Pet Robots Tarn Bird Tuffchick2828 Weebot Yet Another Weird Pet Fussels

Open Source breedable pet script for Second Life

I just published 8 pages of an article on how to make your own breedable pet in Second Life. Xundra Snowpaw has published the source code under the BSD open source license. If you want to see what others have done with these scripts, check out Twibbles at their store.

Please note that this is a good starter project for making Quail and learning how to make a pet. But if you want to make something other than a Quail, please use the Pet Robot scripts above. They are far more generic and can be used to make almost any type of pet.

I cannot teach you how to make Twibbles. But I can show you how to use these open source scripts to make a set of the original XS Quails. Once you have mastered this step, you can change the scripts to make your own virtual pets. The zip file includes the original code, modified code, and a re-written set of scripts for the Pet Robot project (above) that can be used to make almost any animal.

According to, the XS Quail and XS Cactus were first breedable ecosystem in Second Life. They were based on the open source script available from the Seid Mushrooms creator. The Cactus were developed and released first, in March, 2010.

On 25th July, 2010 Xundra handed out copyable Quail food and Cactus watering cans, declaring the end of support for XS products. The scripts were published at Google code on Jun 19, 2010 under a BSD license. This is the first article on how to make your own breedable pet from these scripts.

Free Sculpts and Meshes for Second Life

 Linda Kellie has graciously donated years and years of her work to the open source community. Her site at has an amazing amount of animations, hair, skins, textures, objects, sculpts, and even complete OpenSim setups. I've searched for years for free sculpts, and I don't think I have found more than one or two, so I was blown away by her sculpt collection. Linda has graciously donated a huge amount of work! I've examined each and every sculpt, and I can attest that she is very talented at sculpting.

Her site has all this neatly arranged into zip files. But I never know exactly what a sculpt will look like until I pay to upload it, so I wrote some Processing code to show you a 3-D view of each sculpt.

My conversion process made these into web-safe 3-D PNG and GIF images, and it also makes Objects (OBJ) and Mesh (DAE) files of these sculpts, so you can use them as a mesh or in any CAD 3D package.

I've also added all my best sculpts for you to use.

Just click this image to get all the goodies!

Free seamless textures for Second Life

I've kept a large hoard of seamless textures since the early 1990's tucked away on various hard drives. Since Linda Kellie has graciously donated a large number of textures to the open source community, I'm combining my collection with hers and letting you pick and choose and see them as seamless tilings.

How to make an animal and make it move using Archipelis for Second Life

I use Archipelis to make a lot of animals and birds in Second Life. In this article, I'll show you how you can easily make a moving animal in Second Life by combining the output of Archipelis from with my newest database-driven Prim Animator. The clip at the right shows one possible animation out of many. It is easy to draw and make 3-D content in Second Life with Archipelis. When you combine this easy to use tool with my easy to use scripts, you can make moving, jumping, and crawling objects in Second Life.

This is an easy project. I've gone into a lot of detail because this is a powerful technique for making anything move in Second Life.

Part 1 - Making animated animals in Second Life
Part 2 - Making a Baby Bird for Second Life using Archipelis
Part 3 - Making the Mama Robin bird using Archipelis for Second Life
Part 4 - Loading your project into Second Life
Part 5 - Animating your birds nest

Free Sculpt Prototypes for 3-D packages

Here is a free set of cubes, spheres, cylinders and a flat plane that can be easily imported into a large variety of free 3-D packages ready to make into any sculpted shape quickly and for free. These cost me several thousand dollars and a month of work, so take advantage of me and download the zip file of SL compatible sculpt prototypes. You can use these in almost any software package. I've tested them in Daz Studio, Google Sketchup, Wingz 3D, K-3, ShapeShop, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended, Animator and AC3D.

Build your own Valentines Day tour bird

Here is a complete set of scripts and sculpts to make a Valentines Day Tour bird for two lovers! It can be made with as few as 8 prims. It is easy to teach routes to, and you can expand it to chat to your visitors, and play sounds.

Clothes Previewer and Free, Open Source Skins

Here is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to make their own clothes and skins. I've combined open-source skins by Eloh Eliot with the open source SL Clothes Previewer by Johan Durant, and I've also updated the Clothes Previewer to use high-rez open-source templates. It works on Windows and Macintosh, and runs on Linux under wine. I've also added free clothes examples and posted instructions on how to use it.

Make simple pipes and fences with this free tool by Mikage Boa

Here is an article on a simple to use and free program to make 3-D sculpted pipe shapes by Mikage Boa. Mikage also makes a simple Block to Sculpt editor.

Make your sims into a 3-D sculpt with a free tool by Spinmass

Here is an article on a simple to use program to make 3-D sculpted sim shapes from Second Life or OpenSim grids with the terrain map generator by SpinMass. SpinMass also makes the Lathe Build tool (L$500), ShapeGen ($100L), and the Bailiwick RAW file editor (free).

A simple yet very useful sculpting tool

Thanks to Mikage Boa of, her is a very simple yet useful sculpting tool. I made an nice set of steps in just a few seconds in this posting about it. Mikage also has a nice online tool for making rod sections.

Show your land the best way - with automatic Phoenix viewer Parcel Windlight settings

The Phoenix viewer now supports automatic Parcel Windlight land settings that send Windlight Sky and Water Presets to your visitors automatically. I've wished for this for years and years.

Here is a quick video by Jessica Lyon, the founder and manager of the Phoenix developer team, showing some of the features:

For information on setup, and on various options, check the short article at this link or the Phoenix page.

Run Open Sim on a thumb drive.

OpenSim is starting to catch on. It's a great way to prototype and build since it does not need an internet connection or any router or port configuration, so it's ideal for use while flying or traveling or anywhere you don't have a decent network connection, or any number of other circumstances.

Now you can make it truly portable by running OpenSim off a thumb drive!

It also works on your hard drive.

How to make any prim in seconds with Prim Finder

Ever needed a particular shape of a prim? Daunted by the large number of options in the editor box? Well, it's far easier to make prims with this wonderful tool by Crystal Gadgets.

This tools costs L$390 and is worth every penny . If you are serious about building, then it is a must-have item!

How to Get Free Giant-Mega Prims

Ever needed a particular giant or mega prim? You can find many mega prim packages inworld or at SL webstores. But digging through your inventory or running around and actually paying for a mega prim is a not a very good idea.

This post shows you how to get them sent to you for free, thanks to Second Life resident Latif Khalifa the author of the Radegast client, Grid Persister, and the PrimSearch web site. All three of these products are free, too!.

Not a tool - but you have probably heard Caramell Dansen

Yes, I know this isn't a tool - but you've probably heard the Caramell Dansen dance gesture playing this song in Second Life™.

The first time I saw this in Second Life a very cute girl walked up to me, blocked my way, and played it. I was in awe. I said "Want" ... but all I got was the gesture :-(

Now you can see the English lyrics version here, and the Swedish original with mis-heard English lyrics!

How to make Tiny Jewelry and Impossibly Tiny Prims

The smallest you can normally make a prim is a rather large 0.1 X 0.1 X 0.1. These are too small for rings, necklaces, and other jewelry.

Rhese simple techniques will let you make tiny, tiny prims of impossibly small sizes.

Make Sculpties look great!

Wonder why those sculpties look distorted and blobby? Here is a simple fix!

Bring up the 'Advanced' menu with Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on a Mac. A new tool bar item "Advanced" will appear at the top.

Select the menu for 'debug settings' near the bottom.

In the blank space, copy and paste the word: RenderVolumeLODFactor, and set the value to 4 to get all sculpts looking great.

Single script Super Prim animator

This one-script prim animator is is one of the most useful scripts in Second Life™. You can now animate any object, with just one script!

Setup is very simple. Just drop the script and a blank notecard into the object, click the object, and give your animation a name. Move all the prims around, and click Record. When done, click the Animation Name, and watch it play back every move!This script uses a new and very fast command called 'llSetPrimitiveParamsFast'. This means that dozens of prims can move almost instantly.

Best of all - I've open sourced it, so it's FREE!

Ferd's LSL Script Database - the LSLDB

's LSL Script Database has a bunch of open source, copyleft, and public domain LSL Scripts. It is a user-created wiki that anyone can contribute to. It features LSL Script syntax highlighting with links to the wiki. I've just added live, real-time syntax checking with LSLEditor by Alphons van der Heijden, who graciously donated his masterpiece to the Open Source community. LSL-Editor is a standalone LSL (Second life) script editor and run-time environment for Windows. It compiles and executes LSL scripts. No Second Life viewer is needed nor do you need a connection to the Second Life grid.

LSL Editor

LSLEditor has just had it's first major update in several years, thanks to Manfred Aabye.

Open source 3-D sim scanner

I'll show you how to use two free tools (and you get a third for free) that you can use to create your very own Sim Scanner, with realistic topography and moving people indicators. We'll be combining a free sim scanner with your sims 3-D topography with moving, mouse-stirrable flash water. Sounds complicated? It's not. You can grab a copy of mine (shown at left), and with one quick trip in Second Life and a simple crop in a paint program, have your very own land in a classy 3-D scanner. >

Introducing a free tool to make sculpted water that moves in Second Life

I discovered a great new tool by Zeja Pyle that is so simple to use I just had to make something with it. SLPrimEmboss is intended to make embossed signs... which is.... well, boring, so I made something useful from it. I've posted this article on How to make water move in 3-D Second Life. This looks great in ponds and in waterfalls since it moves up and down as well as side-to-side just like real water does.

Here's a video of it running with my finger-stirrable Viewer 2 flash water included, and without.
Bonus: Animated GIF editor included!

How to Make Sculpted Furniture

My dear friend Wavinggirl had a small stool when she was a young girl. She found a picture of it and asked if it was possible to make a model of it in Second Life. This post shows you how to make the sculpted legs using a very simple to use ( and free! ) tool. As a bonus, I will show you how to make sculpts very smooth, like they have been sandpapered smooth, using another great free tool.

I had to make this for our Sim

Here is something that took me a long time to make, by hand...A look back at our sim, Phaze Demesnes, somewhere in time. After months of head scratching, I finally killed all the fleas and came up with a general solution.

You can now enter any sim name and get the overhead map view, everywhere in time. The raw data for your sim comes on-the-fly from Tyche Shepard @, the best stats site on Second life, anywhere. There's more than 3 million rows in this database now!

Enter any sim name here for the Objects history:
You can also get the Topography image from this search:

Enter any sim name here:

Continuous Play multiple Mp3's With Second Life Viewer 2

Hate the 10-second play time limit on sound in Second Life? Don't you just hate the awful lag as 44 kHz uncompressed wav files download to a sim-load of avatars from an already overloaded Linden server? Hate the inability to queue sounds seamlessly? Did your wedding march gets broken up? Here is a darn good reason to switch to Viewer 2. The new media on a prim solves these sound and video problems, forever. Now you can easily play any compressed MP3 file with endless loop control, with music of any length, and even do an entire play list, with no pauses! Drop this script into a prim, and it will play two clips I have pre-loaded. Plop it into a tree, shrub, furniture, anything! Add cool ambiance music to pose balls, or use it to DJ a club. You can add multiple MP3 URL's into the list, and because it is open source, you can modify it easily to listen on chat channels for URL's, read a list of MP3s from note cards, or use text to speech so your products can greet your visitors, by name!

How to make water you can ripple in Second Life™

Just drop this script into any prim, and click it! Place your prim just under the Second Life water and it will look marvelous!

It works the same in Second Life as it does here.

Just wave your mouse over it.

The Blue Whale Project

Want to make animals move realistically? Don't you just hate it when your $$ expensive prim animator adds 0.2 second delays and the moving parts on your 'whatever' look jerky? Need a good, free, open source prim animator?

Here is a 9-part article including scripts and sculpts on How to make a fish swim in Second Life™.

Whoops! A whale is not a fish...

Create Animations with QAVIMATOR

Get QAvimator, an easy to use and free Second Life™ compatible animation editor.

Get the Default Animations Zip file and then download QAvimator.

Here is a Blue Adept and Red Adept example pose set made in QAvimator that WavinggirlsAV Voom and I used to make a replication of Piers Anthony's book cover art for the "Blue Adept", book two of the "The Apprentice Adept" series of fantasy novels. (FYI: Phaze Demesnes, our sim, is modeled after this series)

Get the Blue Adept and Red Adept animations

And here is another neat tool: Do you need a reversed animation? Like when two avatars hold hands? Trosca wrote a neat program to flip them R-L.

Original Blue Adept cover Second Life™ reproduction of Piers Anthony Book

Create animated movies in Second Life™ the easy way - Convert GIF files

Here are two handy tools to make those moving animated gadgets simple!
You can make animated gif one-prim objects like this in Second Life™ with just a few clicks and simple script. Go ahead, Convert GIF files to Second Life™.

Make a fisheye picture of your sim

Hugin is a tool to convert camera snaps from Second Life™ into panoramic pictures like this one of Spaceport Alpha made by Amanda Vanness: (Click to zoom in, and then click again!

Get Hugin from Sourceforge.

The best method to make these in Second Life™ is to fly up to 100-200 meters, and go into mouse look mode. Aim your camera at the horizon. Press Ctrl-` to take a picture. Move your camera in a circle, with plenty of overlap, and take pictures all the way around, overlapping each picture with recognizable features in each frame. Continue all the way around in a spiral, overlapping the tops and bottom edges as you go. I used about 60 images for the spaceport. You then upload these into Hugin, and use the tools in it to stitch them into a image.

Create scripted objects in Second Life™ the easy way

What is Scratch for Second Life™ (S4SL)?

S4SL is a new easy way to add behaviors and interactivity to your objects in Second Life™. S4SL is graphical programming language that lets you construct programs by snapping together graphical blocks. With S4SL, you can snap together a few blocks to make your SL pet interact with you using chat commands, make your sculpture change size and color, or make your house respond to your presence.

Get Scratch for Second Life

Create Simple Scripts IN SECONDS with Autoscripter

Create a number of common scripts by just clicking a few choices at clicking a few choices at

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