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Free Mesh Avatars Pick any avatar - they are free to assemble in Second Life or any OpenSim virtual world.

  • Aili

    Cuteness Personified - easy to make, just add eyelids

  • Gerrymander

    Smooth mover - simple to make and really nice. Just add a 1 prim tail script

  • Billy

    Good Boy! - 2 scripts included for four eye lids.

  • Gap Dragon

    Faithful Defender - Ferociously easy to make

  • Tandy the Jewel Fairy

    Tandy the jewel fairy (Tiny) - really hard in the tiniest sizes, but rich in features!

  • CueBot

    Selfless, not shiftless - easy peasy, no assembly required!

  • Cheeter

    Lets go ape! - super simple

Click any picture for download and assembly instructions
Difficulty ranges from simple to very complex.

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