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Run Open Sim on a thumb drive.

Thumb driveOpenSim is a great way to create your own avatar and build your own 3-D Second Life™ compatible world. And you don't really need to install a thing! Just copy and click! It's ideal for use while flying or traveling or anywhere you don't have a decent network connection, or for any number of other circumstances. You could use it in schools or at work, too.

Thanks to Christa Lopez and Robert Stack, now you can make it truly portable by running OpenSim off a thumb drive. It also works on your hard drive, too.

Get 4 sim zip fileDownload 4 sim zip file (149 mb) for 4 sims with viewer

This build includes the free Imprudence viewer, and works on PC on XP, Vista 32bit and 64bit, and Windows 7.

How to Install

You install by copying the files to a your thumb drive or a folder on your hard disk.Just click and drag the folder from the zip file to yourdrive.

You should end up with a folder called 'simonastick_4sim' when you examine your copied and unzipped files.

1) Launch mowes.exe first. You should get a screen like this. If it does not work, shut down Skype as it is known to interfere, and try again.


2) Launch simonastick_4sim/diva-r(SOME RELEASE#)/bin/opesim.exe for 32 bit machines or simonastick_4sim/diva-r(SOME RELEASE#)/bin/OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe if on a 64 bit machine.

A DOS prompt will open and load OpenSim:

DOS prompt

3) Launch simonastick_4sim\Imprudence\Imprudence.exe to bring up the 3-D viewer.

From your viewer, select localhost (in the Grid Manager). You can also use the viewer to connect any of the other grids, including Second Life.

User First Name: usb
User Last Name: me
Password: 123

And there you are in Open Sim!


For full details and more help, go to the excellent support site at:

For updates, run C:\simonastick_1sim\diva-r13981\bin\Update.exe (while mowes and opensim are running) to update your system (all existing data is saved)

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