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Convert Animated GIF's to Second Life Format

This is a great way to convert moving GIF images to Secondlife format:
Gif2SL by Gonta Maltz!

Download GIF 2 SL Animated Texture Program (free, Windows only, 0.40 MB).

Use the program to convert animated GIF files into a sequential image. Handles transparent GIF images and converts them into PNG files. Automatically outputs the number of frames horizontally, vertically and the frames per second on the name of the final image for ease of use with a supplied free script on my free script collection. Upload the image, toss the texture into a prim, add the script and it just works.

You just click the "Load GIF" button, find your original GIF file, and click "Output". The program will save the converted program in the same directory or folder you saved the executable program in.

If your GIF has a transparent background, select the "Transparency" check box and it will preserve the Alpha channel infomration in the output in a Second Life compatible format.

The script to animate a GIF with GIF 2 SL is located in my Free Script library. be sure to click the download link to get it. All you have to do is to put the texture inside the prim, and add the script. It will calculate the frames and speed and apply it to all faces of the prim.

My Collection

Download Here are some of my collection of already converted GIFS so you can see what happens before, and after. I am including a zip you can download of all files.

Original Converted

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