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Make a Breedable Pet in Second Life

This article is about how to make a breedable Troubot Robot born from a nut and bolt, and a spaceship carrier, Mr. Fusion feeder and how to make money in Second Life by creating and selling food for your very own breedable pet.

News!  After 5 years, a total rewrite, and  29 updates -  We now have an Updater script.

Updated  01-30-2014: The current version is now 0.50. See the Bug List.

These Troubot Robots hatch from a nut and bolt, grow for seven days, find a mate, breed, get pregnant, lay new nuts and bolts, and when born, they change colors via 'evolution'. They feed and roam around making Troubot Robot noises, and fall asleep and snore.

You may change them into almost any pet, and change how they walk, move, and breed.

Joey designed and animated this adorable pet breedable owl within a few hours of my posting this article on Thanksgiving day. Thanks for coming by and showing Wavinggirlsav Voom and me your creation!

The steps involved are:

Step 1: Get scripts, sounds and textures

Step 2: Create Mr. Fusion Pet Feeder

Step 3: Create Flag Homing Device

Step 4: Create Troubot, the Troubot Robot

Step 5: Create Nut and Bolt Egg

Step 6: Create Toolbox Nut and Bolt Holder

Step 7: Create Spaceship Transport Crate

Step 8: Operation of Troubot the Robot

Step 9: Modifying your Pet Robot

Step 10: Animating your pet robot

Step 11: New eyes! (Optional)

Step 12: Texture server (Optional)

This code base is based on the original Xundra Snowpaw XS Pet code with extensive modifications to allow the code to be used for almost any pet. These Troubot Robots are an example project for you to practice on. Please see my license agreement for how you can and cannot distribute your pets.

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