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This a free mesh avatar that is part of a series on how to make mesh avatars..

How to make Cuebot the Robot - a Free Mesh Avatar for Second Life and Opensim

Difficulty: TRIVIAL

Quebot has been hiding from the Adverse Adepts inside the machinery of Phaze. Your job is to rescue him and let him loose from the machinery so he can become a powerful Robot Adept!

Que is a simple-to-make flexible all-mesh robot. His arms and legs are flexible, and his eyes track your avatar camera movements. He is so simple he just needs to uploaded and textured.

ZIp Download the zip file to get all the pieces you need. You will find two textures and a QueBot.DAE file inside the zip. Or you can download them one at a time as you encounter them in this tutorial.

Upload the Avatar

You will need to download this DAE file or locate the Quebot.dae file in the zip file. A DAE file is text with an extension of DAE.

Log into your world and upload the Quebot.dae file. I used the Firestorm viewer for this tutorial.

Upload mesh

Browse to Quebot using the Upload->Mesh option and select the DAE file.

Select the Quebot

Select "Avatar Shape" in the pulldown and give your Quebot a name:

Select Avatar Shape

Now pick the Physics Tab and select "Lowest"

Lowest Physics

Click the Upload Options tab

Upload Options Tab

Select a size of about "0.2" to "0.5". The size of your avatar cannot be changed by this. It only sets the size of the prim when you are not wearing it.

Also check the "Include Skin Weights" and "Include Joint Positions" checkboxes, and enter an offset of 0.00in the Z offset box.

Do not bother with trying to upload the textures at this step. It will not work.

Click the "Calculate Fee" button. After it calculates, click "Upload". This will cost about $46 Linden

Locate Quebot in your inventory and rez it on the ground:



Locate the file "Body.jpg in the zip file, or click this one to get the larger copy, and save it:


You will also need to upload this texture. Click this image to get the larger copy, and save it:

Que texture

Upload both textures to Second Life.

The simplest way to apply this is the edit the Quebot, navigate to the Texture Tab, and drag the "Que Texture" onto the Texture window so that the entire object is textured all at once.

All at once

Drag the "Body" image onto the body:

Body Image applied

This is what your Quebot should look like:


Time to wear Quebot!

Take Quebot back into your inventory.

Right click the Quebot in your inventory and select "Attach To". Pick any attachment point that is unlikely to be used, such as stomach. The default is "Right Hand", and that is likely to be used by other attachments, so pick something else.

Right click

Your avatar will probably look awful! That is because you are wearing all your old prim boots shows, and clothing.

First, take off ALL your prim objects.

Now go into Avatar->Appearance and click the cog wheel at the bottom

Edit Avatar

Select New Clothes-> New Alpha

This menu will appear:

Alpha blank

Click all the checkboxes:

Click each alpha checkbox

Give it a name and save it.

It will likely look distorted due to your avatar shape. You will probably need to wear a modifiable shape and edit the shape.

Edit Appearance

Go into Edit Appearance mode and adjust the sliders to fit the face into the body, and set the leg lengths.

For Firestorm, you do this in the Avatar Appearance Menu

Avatar Apperance

Once you are in Edit Appearance, hover over the shape and select the Tool bar that appears on the right:

Tool bar

Select the Head and adjust the sliders to fit

Head sliders

My settings were as follows:


Height: 0
Body Thickness: 100
Hover: 56


Head Size: 71
Head Length: 100


Shoulders: 100
Arm Length: 100
Arm Size: 50
Torso Length: 70


Leg Length: 100
Hip Width: 73
Hip Length: 100

Now click "Save As" and save this as "QueBot Shape":

Quebot shape

Enjoy your new mesh avatar!

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