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This a free mesh avatar that is part of a series on how to make mesh avatars..

How to make Aili, a Free Mesh Anime Avatar for Second Life and Opensim

Aili Eyes

Aili is a half-sized Anime girl with blinking eyes, a mesh dress and mesh hair. She is easy to make and colorize. There is only one script required.


Upload Aili

The first step is to download the Aili zip file or get the Aili.DAE file.


Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder on your disk.

Log into your virtual world and then click the mesh uploader button.  Your viewer may differ from the screens shown below.

Level of Detail Screen

The first screen is Level of Detail.  Change the name to 'Aili' and select Avatar Shape in the pulldown.

Level of Detail

The preview window will show only part of Aili. Here arms and body will appear to be missing. Ignore this, they are there, just rather small.

Physics Window:

Click the Physics Tab and select :Lowest' in the pulldown I have highlighted:

Upload Options tab

Click the Upload Options tab.   Set the size to 0.2, and check the Include Skin Weight and Include Joint Positions boxes.

Also set the Z-Offset to negative 0.0310 as in -.0310.

Now Press Calculate Weights and Fees, and then select Upload.

Texturing Aili

Pull Aili out of your inventory and rez her on the ground:

You will need to edit her and pull her up a bit to get to all the pieces.


Now select Edit Linked Parts, click each part of her, and spread the parts out.

All parts

Where you place them, and how big they are makes no difference in the end result.  So for now, just spread these pieces around.

Select everything and press CTRL-SHIFT-L to unlink it all.

Click the upper part of her body, press and hold shift and drag a copy of the upper body to one side. 

Upper body

Repeat for the lower body.  You want to have two uppers, two lowers, and one head.

Now go to Bulk Upload and upload these images from the zip file. If you are saving them from this web page, be sure you click each picture to get the larger one, then save it to disk.

face texture


lower body texture


upper body texture


Upper Copy

Upper body

Lower Copy

Lower Body


cloth texture


eye texture


Eyelid texture


Drag each texture onto Aili's appropriate part (you must skip the eyelid texture for now) and she should look like this:

All textured

You do not need to worry about sized or positions of each piece.  The weights that are painted in them will make them snap to the correct position when you wear Aili.

Be sure to put on the copy of the upper part and lower part the Upper Copy and Lower Copy textures:

Coloring the clothing:

You can tint the clothing various colors.

Edit a piece of clothing, and select the texture tab:

Once you have decided on a color, click the color square and drag it to an empty white square :


Now you have a Custom Color.

Edit each other piece of cloth and color it the same.  Usually, Aili's collar is white, but it can be textured and colored, too.

I chose the blue color for all the outer pieces of cloth, and did not put the cloth texture on the collar, this picture shows me part-way done..

 Select all the parts EXCEPT the big bow, and press Ctrl-L to link them all together.   One prim will turn yellow.  In this case, it does not matter which prim it is. In my case, it was the head.

Head is the root prim

Rename this collection to "Aili".

Now take the the parts, "Aili",  back to Inventory.   Give her a name in case you messed up.

You should rename the hair bow to "Aili Hair Bow" and take it to inventory, too.

Wearing Aili

You can wear Aili at this time.   The best method is to Right-Click the item in inventory, and Attach her to some part OTHER THAN the right hand.   The right hand is the default, so  later, if you wear something else on the right hand, you will be surprised when you body disappears.  

Any part will work, such as stomach or left hand..

You should appear smaller, and your prim parts that you were wearing will still be there. 

Take off the prim parts and go into Edit Appearance.

Locate the Alpha Tab and click all of the check boxes for the alpha boxes:

Alpha boxes

Click Save As and give this the name "Aili Alpha".  You must wear this layer when you want to be Aili.


Now upload the hair.DAE file:

Give it a name on the first tab and select Smaller, non moving etc.

Level of Detail

Physics tab

Set the Physics to Lowest


Upload Options Tab

Set the Scale  to 0.100

Upload Options

Texturing the hair

Now that the file is loaded, rez it on the ground:

Hair untextured

Choose a hair color and upload it.  Click each hair piece to get the large version :

Drag the texture onto the hair texture window:

Drag the hair texture onto the window

Take the hair to inventory, and right click and attach it to your SKULL.

Position and resize the hair to fit.

Position the hair


Aili's eyes tend to get a bit dry, and need to blink.

Upload the Eyelids.dae file and give it a name

For the Physics tab, select Lowest

Lowest in Physics

For the last tab, select nothing and press Calculate Weights and Fees


Upload Options

Now rez the eye lids on the ground:



Drag the previously loaded texture "eyelid texture.png" onto each eye lid. Half the eye lid should disappear:

Eyelid texture is applied

Take these eyelids to inventory.  Right click and attach them to your NOSE.

Position them so they are rotated at a X of 0, Y of 300, and a Z of 270 and slide them over your eyes as is shown below:

eye position

Rotate the eyelids by pressing CTRL key or selecting Rotate in the edit window, and slide the eyes to the position <0, 57, 270.  Position the eyes again so they are just covering the real eyes:

cover the eyes

Continue to rotate and position the eyes  until they slide smoothly over her real eyes. 

Rotate  the eyes back to the position rotated at a X of 0, Y of 300, and a Z of 270 . They should look like this, with the black eye lid barely visible:

300 degrees


Double click the New Script button  that is in Contents and delete the script that is inside:

Delete this


Now add this blinking eye script:

rotation openRot ;
rotation halfRot ;
rotation closeRot;

        openRot = llGetLocalRot();
        halfRot = llEuler2Rot(<-45.0, 0.0, 0.0> * DEG_TO_RAD) * openRot;
        closeRot = llEuler2Rot(<45.0, 0.0, 0.0> * DEG_TO_RAD) * openRot;

        float rand = (llFrand(2));
        if (rand < 1.0)
        llSetTimerEvent(llFrand(5) +4);

Save this script and stop editing the eyes.

It should look like this, only slower:

Aili Eyes\

Now attach and colorize her hair bow:

Hair bow

There you have it!   You should go into Edit appearance and save your  new Aili Avatar so it will be a complete collection.

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Aili is based upon work from Blendswap by Errmus from I discarded his avatar and madem boned, and weight painted my own.Second Life and Open Sim compatible avatar.   What is left is the dress and hair.