How to make realistic fish motion in Second Life
How to make a fish swim realistically in Second Life

In this post, I'll show you how to sculpt, script, and swim a blue whale around your sim. Many scripts are available in my Second life Script repository to make things go around in circles, but the standard fish swimming scripts are boring.This one is different. This whale is animated to jump, splash, and swim. It will flip it's flippers and flukes, all at the same time smoothly, and it can be easily made to signal other, outside effects, such as commanding a bridge to open for it so it can swim under, as well as play sounds at key points in it's journey. That's a lot for only 10 prims!

The Blue Whale project
How to create realistic animals in Second Life

Sounds difficult? Don't worry, I'll give you the sculpts, scripts, and explain step-by-step how to make my blue whale, so that you can edit it and change just the bits you want to change for your own purposes. All the scripts are available in my LSL Script Database and Library, and each is explained step-but-step individually.
I'll show you how to make any whale or other fish swim with it's fins, broach the surface and make a splash, jump, spray water out the blowhole, and splash again when it goes back into the water. And you can ride on it, too, around and around, on any path you want to program into your new blue whale. You will even be able to ride around on the whale, entirely outside of the normal sim! boundaries.
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