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This is WavinggirlsAV Voom, aka the Lady Blue.

I've never had a friend like her before. So I am going to twist her own words around and play them back to her, because these words are true.

"I am so happy I got to walk through this adventure with him her...watching SL come to together...all because he she cared....he she certainly restored my faith in mankind...I was angry and depressed with this world at times...i know we must have rainy days to appreciate the sun.....and Ferd Waving Girl has become my rainbow....and i would love to Dance in the Rain with him her Day!

This was Phaze before Waving Girl touched it:

And you know it's a lot different now. Hundreds of thousands people discovered something about the sim Phaze Demesnes. And it's all because of her. Here is why.

After we met, we dedicated our online lives to make things better for people in Second Life. We enjoy making Phaze Demesnes a place for people to have fun, explore and get adventure in Second Life.

Exploring the world ....

Exploring the world with her is great fun. And making it fun for others is great fun, too..

On the Front Page....

is where she deserves to be.

The first Pic I took

I worked up the nerve and walked over to get near her. I typed "Hello", ... and the best words I ever saw appeared! "Wavinggirlsav Voom is typing..."

Why ?

Maybe because she puts up with me and my cows? No, it's more than that.

She's really neat!

"When are you going to straighten up the Castle, Ferd?" .... "Why? is it tilted?"

What are we doing now?

We see the clock at 3 AM, and realize we are just standing or sitting somewhere, oblivious to everything but each other.

Where to now?

I don't know, but I do know that the journey is the best part. Life Quotes, Life Quote Graphics, Life Sayings