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Clothes Previewer and Free, Open Source Skins

Here is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to make their own clothes and skins. I've combined open-source skins by Eloh Eliot with the open source SL Clothes Previewer by Johan Durant of, and I've also updated the Clothes Previewer to use high-rez open-source templates. It works on Windows and Macintosh, and runs on Linux under wine.

Windows Download zip file

Mac: Download Zip file

Max PPC: Download Zip file

You can also get the original PSD files (Photoshop CS) ,XCF files for Gimp, or AI files for Adobe Illustrator at Another Resources online, for free! You can find Eloh Eliot's latest skins in-world at the Gnubie Store in Powder Mill.

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the files, run the SLCP program. You will see the updated previewer:

Clothes Previewer

The templates will show at startup. To change to a clothing set, follow these steps:

1. Click the button labeled "HEAD.JPG" and browse to a face texture. I chose starlight_face.jpg.

Dialog Box

2. You should see the face appear with skin textures.,

Face view

3. Repeat with the Upper and Lower buttons,

Nude view

4. You can toggle the skirt template on and off, too, and overwrite the texture with your own skirt texture.


5. I've included an open-source set of jeans and a tank top. Click the button below the buttons you pushed before, and add the shirt texture.

You can zoom in and out by CTRL-clicking, SHIFT-Click to pan, or just left-click to rotate and view each area of your avatar. There are also handy buttons at the bottom right to let you zoom in to each piece.

After clothing

The little 'Re' button on the right is Refresh. Fire up your favorite paint program, edit the included template, jeans or shirt, and save them.. Then press RE for an instant refresh!

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