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Outworldz Shoutcast and Icecast server

Outworldz Dreamworlds contain a free Icecast and Shoutcast server. You can use this to broadcast voice and music to any radio, web page, Second Life, Opensim, or your own grid.

Icecast setup

Download and install Mixxx.

Mixx screen

To enable MP3 streaming on Windows, you must follow these instructions:

First, download the lame library from The download page includes 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Make sure the version you download matches the version of Mixxx that you use, not the version of Windows. If you are on 64-bit Windows but are using 32bit Mixxx, you need the 32bit (“x86”) version of the library. Unpack the downloaded ZIP archive.

Copy libmp3lame.dll to the location you have installed Mixxx, probably C:\Program Files\Mixxx\.

Running Mixx

Go to Mixxx's Preferences Screen, then select the "Live Broadcasting" tab on the left.

These are the settings I used:

Mixx Settings

Check Turn On Live Broadcasting
Set type to Shoutcast1
The standard mount point everyone uses is /stream
Host is
Port is 8080 from the Dreamworld setup.
Login is blank
Password is the same password  from the Dreamworld setup.
Check Public if you want your stream to be on the Mixx website. Give it a name.
Click Okay and the screen will grey out and should show no errors.


If it cannot connect, make sure Icecast is running. You do not have to run the grid to stream music. It is only used to set up the files and start icecast. For example, you can run a radio station or use it for Second Life. There is a batch file in /Icecast called 'icecast.bat' that will run the server.

Port Forwards:

Add port 8080 and 8081 to your Routers Port Forward.  You should also check they are not blocked by your firewall or anti-virus.

LinkSys Port Frward

The Shoutcast setting show above is used when you are running the Icecast/Shoutcast server.

Mixx Setup

On the top of the Mixxx main screen is an Options menu. Click Enable Live Broadcasting. I have it shown in the photo. Load a track and click play. For me, that was hard to find! It is circled in the pic and shows a pause button.

Mixx Setup for Icecast

Use a web browser and navigate to and click the play button. You should hear the music, delayed by maybe 15 seconds. This is normal buffering. Click Stop in Mixxx and the music will play for a bit longer due to the buffering.

The Public URL or Domain Name for your world is entered into your sim instead of, so for my simulator, the music url become This URL must include the 'mount point' of /stream you entered earlier.

Navigate to You should see the standard web page for Icecast. You can log in using your administrator password, see the status, and see the mount point.

Mixx Shoutcase Icecast server


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