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Outworldz Opensimulator DreamGrid Software

Current version is Version 3.38. The latest version is now always labeled "". It is both an update and an install.

Combined Installer/Updater will download and setup the current version of Dreamgrid.

If you are already running DreamGrid, you can download and extract this Zip file for both Updates and Installs.

If you are running Apache as a service, stop Apache with Services.msc, then run the installer or extract the zip file.

Dreamgrid Manual.pdf

List of revisions/changes

All Older Versions, zip format

Source code

Statistics on the codebase.

*CAUTION* DreamGrid is a full Robust grid. Outworldz-V1.75, aka "Dreamworld" is an obsolete Standalone grid. I no longer support DreamWorld. They are incompatible with each others databases, so do not mix them together!

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