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One-Click DreamWorld Opensimulator for Windows

The Outworldz DreamGrid is a free, pre-packaged Windows-compatible virtual reality Opensimulator system that is easy to install, easy to run, and powerful. It it free and is open source.

Anyone can run their own grid from home or at work. DreamGrid automatically configures routers for the Hypergrid with Plug and Play. It is preconfigured for the Hypergrid, and has the "Diva" version of OpenSim Diva’s WiFi admin interface running in Grid mode. It takes just one click to launch and enjoy the seamless border crossings and Second Life compatibility.

You can finally have an easy-to-use virtual world with HyperGrid capability, automatic backup and easy-to-load simple OpenSim Archive (OAR) and Inventory (IAR) files.

Preconfigured, ready to run HyperGrid server for Windows 7, 8, 10  or Server
No more messy INI file editing!
20 Languages supported in the GUI
Free Dynamic DNS system in the domain
Auto-Updater and Automatic Backups
Grid-wide Viewer Search for Grids, Regions, Objects, Events
uPnP Universal Plug and Play Router configuration
Free Icecast server for broadcasting your own music and voice.
Robust Grid mode, region Server Mode, OSGrid, Metropolis and other grid attach modes
Non-Player-Character Enabled.
Apache and PHP included
Compatible with Perl, example DBIX::Class code
Support Wordpress or Joomla/Jopensim (optional)
Bullet, UbODE and hybrid physics engines.
Diva's Web-based Wifi Panel
Two HTML Map types
Autoconfigured MySQL Database
Built-in download/install of hundreds of curated OARs and IAR files
Router and Firewall Diagnostics
Extra modules - Voice, Gloebits Money, Birds, Tides, Partners, Auto-Teleport Signs, Auto Restart
Built-In Help and Instructions


All binaries and DLLS are digitally signed by Outworldz, LLC and are virus-free. Please be sure to only get these files from the Outworldz web site, which is digitally encrypted and secured by Digicert SSL Web certificates.

Download DreamGrid Installer  for 64 bit Windows. Save to an EMPTY folder and run it

One click installer for Opensimulator Server

Or just download and extract DreamGrid over your old grid or into a new, empty folder. Then click Start.exe. Answer a few questions to create your first avatar and it is ready to go.

Source Code is AGPL 3.0 licensed and is at

How to Start and how to log in:

You need to create a new grid, which will take some steps to complete.  The Startup page shows you how to do this.

Launching Fremgrid


Usually you can just run the Help-Network Diagnostics and it will tell you what to do. And you can see more help here:

DreamGrid Manual (PDF)
Step-By-Step Setup guide
Troubleshooting DreamGrid Guide
How to Open and Forward Ports
Adding Loopback to your router
Apache Webserver Help
Technical Stuff

You can comment (see way below) if you have questions or want to pass on tips.

You will get faster answers by using the Mewe Opensimulator Dreamworld and Dreamgrid group.  There is also a Facebook Support page, too.

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Gigabytes of free content included!

There are over 100  regions of ready-to-go, curated and free content that you can load with just a click. You can also travel the Hypergrid and collect things to build your new world. See what is included for OARS and IARS.

Included Content

Want to help? Please contribute your OAR and IAR files at this link. It needs to be in a zip file, with a text files with description, Author, any credits and any Creative Commons license or other license you want to include.  Stolen items will not be accepted.

Click to upload Content

Conference Center by Linda Kellie is licensed as CC-0. It a good starting place for a online conference. Visitors can select from male and female clothing and enter a conference room

Fantasy Island by Linda Kellie is licensed CC-0 and is relaxing and pretty.

Garden By The Sea by Waving Girl is a NPC rich home, with a pet dog, turtles, birds, and rabbits. There is a treasure on the island.

Habitat39 by Garry Beaumont is licensed as CC-BY-NC-SA. The anti-gravity house is being held in place by an old fashioned anchor.

LonelyIsland By J.P. van de Giessen
Shipwrecked on a small island with only some coconuts to feed yourself, a good way of spending your vacation.
Creative Commons Naamsvermelding-NietCommercieel-GelijkDelen 3.0 Nederland license (

Alpha Station by Lost World is licensed as only for Dreamgrid use.
Alpha Station

Maya Pyramid was built by Dave Pentecost.
Includes large houses with courtyards, small thatched palapas, and a model of the Temple of the Inscriptions Maya pyramid from Palenque, Mexico.

Stormhaven Port Aurora by Arcadia Asylum is licensed as CC-NC

Universal Campus by Nebadon Izumi. His web site is a treasure chest of goodies at

Undersea Observatory by Justin K. Reeve is is a virtual world archive of an undersea observatory which is shared to allow others to use this marine biology build for OpenSim. For additional information, please see:

Western Town by Linda Kellie has a western store with clothing, jail and other role-play goodies.

Fantasy Island by Lost World is licensed as only for DreamrGrid use.
Fantasy Island
Tropical Paradise Dance Club by Lost World is licensed as only for DreamrGrid use.
Fantasy Island by Lost World


Security is important when you are letting people log onto your system via Opensim. It is also very important to know that the code you are running is safe too. DreamGrid is the only Opensim server code that is digitally signed using Microsoft Authenticode so that any modifications can be automatically detected and stopped. I compile all the code personally, and sign it on one trusted machine that is virus scanned by a top-rated scanner.

The Outworldz web site is also digitally secured by Digicert, a top-notch Certificate Authority, so you are guaranteed you are getting the code from the real Outworldz web site and that it meets the highest standards for security. Outworldz gets an A rating from a well-known SSL test suite.

Both of the Dynamic DNS systems, the primary one at, and the backup in Europe, have been tested as meeting all modern DNS standards.A Rated security


This work would not be possible without all the thousands of contributions of the Opensim community.

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