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Schrodingers Kitteh in OpenSim


After i put out furst 2 teh OpenSim NPC kitteh kats, i knew i musta made mistaek. Teh furst evidence? Dearest friend Debbeh seeze small wormhole appear in Virunga sim an noticd teh tail ov NPC kat goin into it. Srsly.

Now dinnr iz usually me sittin by myself as i mak lotz da funny noisez an spattr 2 mutch blood 4 anyone 2 stand and am late anywayz. Im alone 2 eat cheezburger in peace. But noooo, not tonite, thx 2 teh kat update. She iz on teh fone insistin teh kat iz iz trappd undr ground an iz still meowin an purrin an will die. Must log in. Must do so nao! Come rescue teh NPC kat, plz.

I can has be Hero! Need detailz. She wuz werkin on teh bottoms ov teh lake an addin plants when teh kitteh kat followd her 2 close 2 teh bank - an he went into wormhole. Mebbe rabbit hole. Whatevr. All she saw wuz teh tail stickin out. Dis ar true. She sed she trid 2 grab it but how do u grab NPC attachment? So she clickd teh kat fud bowl 2 get NPC kitteh kat back inside bowl. But kitteh kat iz now invizbl an stil purrin. An yowlin. So kitteh kat must be burid aliv!


She on fone soundz liek she iz bout 4 yeers old an her baby kitty iz trappd undr her floorboardz an iz goin 2 dye any moment nao. Rly cute! Too cute to laff. Smiling really bigified. But srsly, she must haz fix. Nao!

Umm. k! I like bean hero to girlz. So dinnr starts 2 git cold while i ctrl-alt-shft-d-enable advancd menu set "no land, no watr" .... an thar iz no kitteh. Ctrl-alt-t rendr tranzparent, no invisable kitteh bowl, no kitteh kat. Estate manager shows no kitteh , no bowl. Yet, strangely teh kat iz purrin. An yowlin. Seems to be over dere. Noze, here. Nope, over dere. Hmmm. kat fud bowl that rezzes kat is off, tooze. Skripts shut off.

Meow. Hiss. Purr. Must has be Schrodinger's Kitteh!

So i tell her ill brb, c iv she can zero in on wer teh sound iz comin frum. I go reheat an eat peeps fud. Ponder pending herodom.

Logz in. Phone rings, yays. She still too cute for words. Opensim nao has plywood boxez in neat row markin out wer kat must be burid aliv.


So I fixed it. kitteh is now okayz. Kat fud bowl is fine, tooze. I love been her hero. Specially when she soundz liek lil gurl.

Wuz best fix evr made by a servr reboot, evr.

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