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Yo Frankie! game ported to Opensim, (well, sort of)

This page describes a version of the "Yo Frankie!" Blender game in Opensim.  YoFrankie! is a 2008 Blender game.  You can see it at  It is licensed as Creative Commons-BY attribution to the Blender Project. I downloaded it and changed a lot of it to make my own version of the game in Opensim.

Your goal is to collect acorns and get off the sim and onto the boat. The lighthouse seems to be shut off, and the fog is keeping you from leaving. Can you survive long enough to reach it and fix it?

Hypergrid Landmark:

To play the game, teleport to

Level 1Level 2
Entrance Level 1
Level 3Level 4
Level 2 Level III

Need Help?

Walk around.
Step on acorns.
Avoid obstacles and be wary of traps. There are shortcuts, but there is also danger!
Avoid Rams.
Double tap the Arrow key to run!

All the assets ported to Opensim in this game are located here for you to use in your own games. Please remember to credit the fine folks that made this originally.

All assets are Copyright (C) YoFrankie - License: GNU and CC-BY from

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